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The Best Ted Talks That Will Motivate You During Your Job Hunt

The Best Ted Talks That Will Motivate You During Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is scary, no matter what background you’re coming from. Whether you’re fresh out of post secondary, starting over in your career path, or heading out into the world with not a lot of education, everyone could use that extra hit of motivation. Here are The Best Ted Talks That Will Motivate You During Your Job Hunt.

1.  How To Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed

“How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed” is a Ted Talk by Daniel Levitin. It’s inevitable that during a job hunt you’ll be stressed. Jobs and money aren’t what make you happiest but they are the only means to thrive in this world. That’s a lot of pressure. Levitin encourages you to consider the possible failed outcomes of the situations in order to overcome that stress.

The Best Ted Talks That Will Motivate You During Your Job Hunt

2. The Puzzle Of Motivation

“The Puzzle of Motivation” is a Ted Talk by Dan Pink. Sometimes motivating ourselves is difficult even if the reason is different for every individual. Dan Pink is a career analyst and in his talk, he says, “When we make progress and get better at something, it is inherently motivating. In order for people to make progress, they have to get feedback and information on how they’re doing.”

This is key to job hunting. And probably one of my favourite Ted Talks. Make sure to watch this talk in order to reassure your job hunting techniques.

3. The Psychology Of Self Motivation

If you’re still lacking self motivation after watching the previous Ted Talks, in “The Psychology of Self Motivation”, Scott Geller lets us know why and how self motivation affects our brains. Use this for a little extra boost in understanding why you either lack or have motivation.

4. How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goal

Sometimes, job hunting is about finally achieving your life long career goal. For most people, that’s both exciting and terrifying. While a lot of Ted Talks discuss the concept of ambition, in “How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goal”, Stephen Duneier tells you how to achieve that ambition. He tells you how to achieve all your career dreams through the decisions you make.

The Best Ted Talks That Will Motivate You During Your Job Hunt

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5. How To Find And Do Work You Love

Sometimes the fear of job hunting is that you’ll find a job that you won’t love or you’ll get stuck in an entry level position that you’re over qualified for. Scott Dinsmore’s Ted Talk “How to find and do work you love” helps his viewers find what their interests and talents are and coaches you on how to turn those ideas and skills into a full time job.

6. The Fear Of Starting

That first minute of a ballet solo. That first paragraph of a speech. Everyone fears the start. We fear the unknown. Whether it be the fear of starting the job hunt, starting a new career, or your first day at a new workplace, Mark Soderwall tells us how to get over that initial fear and why it’s so important in formatting our dreams.

The Best Ted Talks That Will Motivate You During Your Job Hunt

7. How I Got The Best Job Without Submitting A Resume

Resumes make the whole job hunting process even more stressful. No one can ever keep up with all the changing resume templates and techniques employers require for certain workplaces. But what if Natalie Ledbetter told you it was possible to not have to submit any resume or cover letter? In her Ted Talk she discusses the importance of utilizing your starring attributes and how experience on a piece of paper doesn’t compare to that.

Are you entering the job hunt? Do you think these Ted Talks would be useful to your journey? Let me know in the comments below.

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