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The Best Tech Deals You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of This Fall

The Best Tech Deals You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of This Fall

The Best Tech Deals You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of This Fall

Fall has some of the largest sales of the year, and it’s also one of the best times to swoop in on sweet tech deals. Prepare for your upcoming school year or take advantage of the great prices to upgrade your old laptop. This is a list of some of the best tech deals you’ll want to keep an eye out for in the Fall season.

1. Back-to-School sales: July-August

Okay, technically not Fall, but Back-to-School sales really are some of the best places to find deals on essential tech items such as laptops, tablets, and calculators. Almost every major retailer hosts Back-to-School sales whether online or in stores. Amazon, Target, and Walmart are all terrific places to scope out some lower prices on products you’ll want or need.

Some retailers even include items such as smartwatches on their school sale list, to be sure to keep an eye out for all sorts of treasures that can found on their websites or in stores. If you’re unsure of how long their Back-to-School sales or a certain deal will last, you can usually look it up on their website and find the information you need.

The Best Tech Deals You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of This Fall

2. Apple Discounts: October

This isn’t exactly an official sale that’s broadcasted, but in the past, the new iPhone model is often announced around October, so you’re bound to see the price go down on the previous models as they hold sales in preparation for the next generation. As the month creeps closer, be sure to keep an eye out on any price drops for iPhones and take the opportunity to get an upgrade.

Keep in mind, however, that this usually only applies to iPhone models, so try not to be too disappointed when there isn’t a dip in price for any MacBooks or air pods to go along with it.

The Best Tech Deals You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of This Fall

3. Black Friday: November

Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year and commonly referred to as a madhouse as people rush to grab whatever they’re able to off the shelves, fending off competing buyers in a Hunger Games like frenzy in order to protect their precious loot. However, it can’t be denied that you will find some amazing tech deals on not just computers and smartwatches, but more luxury items such as TV sets and game consoles. If you’re hoping for low prices, you generally won’t find them any lower than on Black Friday.

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If you don’t want to brave the hordes of frenzied shoppers as they partake in a Game of Thrones like battle to the death, then feel free to check out some online Black Friday deals that many stores will offer. It certainly is a safer option, that much is guaranteed, and some online retailers begin their Black Friday sales as early as two weeks before Thanksgiving! Talk about a head start!

4. Cyber Monday: December

Taking place in early December this still counts as a Fall sale! Cyber Monday is often referred to as the online equivalent to Black Friday and was introduced to encourage customers to take part in more online shopping. You may find that many Black Friday online deals are repeated on Cyber Monday, which is great for any online shoppers who missed an item they wanted to get.

Because Cyber Monday is in December, it’s also a great way to get your Christmas shopping done because of all the large discounts on various items. Buy a new monitor for your dorm room, get that Fitbit your sister was talking about, or finally order that new camera to start up your photography hobby. Cyber Monday offers all sorts of great tech deals and they will get your items to you with plenty of time to wrap up and pack away for the holidays.

The Best Tech Deals You’ll Want To Take Advantage Of This Fall

Which fall sale are you going to keep an eye out for? Leave a comment below!

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