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The Best Tape Used For Nail Art

The Best Tape Used For Nail Art

Here's your run down on the best take used for nail art. Nail art is a legit art. If you are doing your nails, next time opt for washi tape for nail decor.

Word on the nail art street is that scotch tape isn’t the best tape for nail art. People have complained that it’s hard to work with and won’t peel off all in one piece. Plus I’d imagine it leaves behind sticky residue which would suck on your nails. As of lately people are saying the best tape used for nail art is washi tape. If you are trying to do tiny little lines or stripes, then the best tape used for nail art in this scenario would be striping tape.

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Washi Tape: The Best Tape For Nail Art

Washi tape leaves a crisper and nicer look than usual scotch tape. Plus, the removal process is significantly easier. Now, I’m no nail art expert and definitely can’t to my own nails for shit, but I can only image how irritating scraping small pieces of tape off my nails would be. Personally, attempting to do my nails is a mess in itself so I don’t see why it would be beneficial to have to pick out tape when my nails are already wet. Doesn’t sound like too enjoyable of a time (probably why I go to nail salons instead). But, of course some people are actually gifted with the ability to do their own nails.


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Unlike scotch tape, you can push washi tape into crevices of your nails so you get a full and complete outline of where you want to go with your nail art. Plus you can take it off and reposition the tape without having to waste a strand of tape. You can buy washi tape at basically any target or amazon. Craft stores should have washi tape as well. There are several different colors that you can get just to switch it up outside the cheap ugly print.

Let us know what you think about the best ta[e used for nail art the comments below! What sorts of tricks do you have for nail art?
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