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The Best Tablets For College 2018 Any Student Can Afford

The Best Tablets For College 2018 Any Student Can Afford

If you're a college student looking for affordable tablets for back to school, here are some of the best tablets for college 2018 on a student budget. These cheap tablets from Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Lenovo work great for students working on a budget!

When the “back to school” time of year hits, the hunt for the most essential (and affordable) pieces of tech begins. Whether you’re a returning college student or starting your freshman year, chances are you’ve been perusing the latest and greatest deals for tablets or laptops. And if you’re forking over all of your hard earned money for one, we know the price tags on some models can be downright ridiculous. So to make your search for a college tablet easier, we’ve rounded up the best tablets for college 2018 that should all fit within your price range!


Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen (16 GB)

This is a great tablet for students starting out in college who are working with a budget, especially because you can pay month-to-month if that’s easier on your wallet! This tablet is great for streaming your shows, answering emails, taking notes, gaming, chatting with friends, and multitasking (you can have two apps open at once, how awesome is that?) And the best part is that it comes with Samsung’s S Pen…using your fingers is so last year anyway…


Price: $279.99 or $47/mo

If you are a college student, don’t forget to take advantage of the Samsung student discount program: Sign up for a Studentrate account with a valid .edu email address from your current school. You will get access to Samsung exclusive student discount program with up to an additional 20% off regular pricing


Lenovo Flex 6 Convertible

This Lenovo tablet is especially great because of its convertible feature. You can use the tablet with or without the keyboard. The keyboard turns into a convenient stand when not in use!  The Flex 6 is Lenovo’s brand new version of their most popular convertible tablet, so you know it’s good. This tablet is great for web browsing and personal entertainment features an 11″ screen, oh… and the price looks real good too.

Starting at: $257.39

Apple 9.7″ iPad (32 GB)

Ah yes, the trusted Apple iPads. They’ve been in the game for a while, simply because they’re so dependable. If you’re looking for an affordable tablet for college, Apple has lot’s of good options, but my person favorite is the 9.7″ Retina display iPad. While it’s a little more costly than Samsung’s and a little smaller, it does have twice the storage – so it all depends exactly what you’re looking for. This ipad is great for its camera, video recording, facetiming, using Siri and has Apple Pay making it one of the best tablets for college 2018!


Price: starts at $309

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Dell Inspiron 13 4-In-1

Another convertible tablet! If you’re looking for a laptop/tablet combo, here’s another great option from Microsoft. You can use it in tent mode, as a stand, a laptop or a tablet. While it’s a bit pricier than the others, it has some impressive qualities and the biggest display on this list (13.3″). It has a brilliant HD display and studio-quality sound. I personally think this is the best option if you’re a big Netflix binge-watcher like me!

Price: $479


Out of the best tablets for college 2018, which one do you think you’re going to get?! Let us know down below in the comments!