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The Best Summer Styles You Should Wear In 2022

Summer is here and I don’t know about you, but it’s my favorite time of year. Summer fun, summer loving and exploring the world is what it’s all about. No matter where you live, whether it’s New England, the coast of California or in the middle of nowhere, summer is the same; filled with long nights you don’t want to forget. While in the midst of trying to fit every person and every plan in, outfits are necessary (you definitely don’t want to show up in the nude), so if you’re worrying about what to wear, don’t fret. I have you covered some of the latest trends and Summer Styles that you will want to show off this summer.


Cutouts are in and they have no intention of leaving anytime soon. This Summer Style is flirty and sexy, all while showing off some skin whether its on the neckline or lower back. Plus, it’s going to keep you cool during the hot summer months as well! Check out this cutout tank top from Lulus for only $25.00. You’re making a fashion statement while wearing a clothing item that is extremely comfortable.

Cut to the Chase Green Ribbed Cutout Bodysuit

Platform Heels

Heels have never been my thing. In fact, I have only ever worn them a couple of times in my life and that’s about it. But, if you’re all about heals then one of the newest Summer Styles are Platform heals. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, they are the “it” shoe of the summer. Pair them with a dress or boot cut jeans and you are good to go. Check out this pair from Amazon. The prices range from $17.99 – $59.99 and they come in a variety of colors. Be wary that the heel is approximately 5.1 inches, but on a good note, they’re easy to take on and off, especially when you need to give your feet a break.

Vimisaoi Platform Sandals for Women Sexy Square Peep Toe Slip On Chunky High Heel Sandals Date Dress Pumps

Bright Colors

Bring on the bright colors and one of the hottest Summer Styles of the year. Bright colors can not only boost your energy, but they can also make you more alert.  Whether it’s bright green, pink or neon yellow, these colors are in. And although this is a fabulous summer trend, the bright colors can be irritating to the eyes. Other than that, people will be jealous of your look. Take this hot pink jumpsuit from L’abeye for only $78.00. Not only will you be making a fashion statement, but oh my, will you look good.


Coastal Vibes

I love the ocean and I know that you probably do too. And if I’m being honest, I wish I could rock the coastal vibe look every day of the year. It’s a simplistic look that also looks chic and flirty all at the same time. You’re looking fashionable, all without trying too hard to impress. This look is perfect if you’re going out on a brunch date with some friends, an early stroll along the ocean, or out and about exploring a new destination—heck, even a date night somewhere casual will suffice as well. Check out this Summer Styles trend from J. Crew, which is one of my all-time favorite stores to shop at. Get it for only $36.50.

Boatneck T-shirt in classic stripe

Crop Tops

One of the biggest Summer Styles are crop tops and this trend is here to stay. I see almost every young teenager and adult (yes, adult) wearing crop tops. Although they are not my cup of tea, I understand why people are obsessed with them. They’re light and flirty, easy to pair with some nice jeans and they’re simple, but fashionable. What is not to love? Clothing stores everywhere are selling them and having to restock on a continuous basis. The need for this fashion item is truly insane. So, if you’re looking for that new and in style crop top, check out this black one from H&M for only $5.99. Yes, $5.99. Pair it with a cute skirt, jeans or shorts and you will be summer ready.

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Crop Top

Colored Suits

Do you not enjoy wearing dresses or khakis to work? Would you rather wear a suit instead? Well, I am here to tell you that suits are one of the top Summer Styles for 2022 and not only regular suits, but colored ones! Blazers can make a statement. Pair it with matching-colored pants and everyone will be looking at you while you walk down the street to purchase some coffee from Starbucks. Although they are more popular in urban places like Los Angeles or New York City, I truly believe that you can wear one anywhere that you believe is acceptable or needed, to say the least. Check out this blazer from Banana Republic. It’s more on the pricier side ($230.00), but I thought it was absolutely stunning, so I had to share about it here. If you don’t like this one, places like Amazon and Lulu’s also have them too.

Linen Blazer

Prints Galore

Lastly, we have prints. And I mean prints everything. According to almost every fashion article I have read online, they MUST be included in your wardrobe this summer as they are one of the fastest growing Summer Trends. I’ve personally never been a “prints” person, but I can see how they are becoming more popular—they make fashion and dressing up every day… fun because that’s how styling yourself should be. Along with florals being at the top of the list for being the most popular print, there are also vertical stripes, wild stripes, ocean typed themes, tie-dye and plaid. Choose your favorite print and whether you go completely all out or not, do what you feel comfortable with, and most importantly, have fun with it. Prints are not going anywhere and if you’re afraid of testing them out this year, do it next year.

Burke Black and White Striped Tie-Neck Top

What’s one of your favorite Summer Styles trends? Do you take risks with fashion or do you tend to be more reserved with what you wear? Tell us below in the comments.

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