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The Best Success Stories From The Bachelor Franchise

The Best Success Stories From The Bachelor Franchise

Reality television is addictive for many reasons – the drama, the storylines, the personalities and without a doubt the potential romances that can be formed. The Bachelor Franchise has been a guilty pleasure for many years all around the world. It also created some of the greatest romance in the history of reality TV. It makes you believe love really does exist!

It is easy to dismiss The Bachelor franchise as just another reality TV show. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise, Bachelor Winter Games, Bachelor Pad – all shows that make for great viewing. These shows are now being produced in many different countries around the world, ever since the very first ‘The Bachelor’ season in the US in 2002). Despite the ‘trash’ tag The Bachelor has been given by many, when you look at the successful relationships that have come from these TV shows you might just change your opinion. Heartbreak has been big in The Bachelor franchise. Despite this – promise rings, engagement, marriages, children and happily ever afters have come from it! These couples are living proof of some of the best success stories from The Bachelor Franchise from around the world.

The Bachelor Australia – Season 3 2015 – Sam and Snezana

The Bachelor for this season was Sam Wood, a personal trainer looking to find the love of his life. Arguably one of the best seasons and success stories from The Bachelor Australia, Sam chose Snezana and that was the beginning of a beautiful love story has not had an ending. At the finale, Sam presented Snezana with a promise ring. He has since changed that to a wedding ring. Sam was welcoming of Snezana’s daughter from a previous relationship. Snezana relocated from Perth to Melbourne for Sam and they bought a house together. 4 years later, they added another two children to their family and now are a family of 5!


The Bachelor Australia – Season 1 2013 – Tim and Anna

What is a better the story than the first season of The Bachelor Australia being a success? They are the ultimate fairy tale couple of Australian television. Tim has changed that commitment ring into a wedding ring, with the couple getting married in a beautiful wedding in Italy. The first reality TV couple in Australia to walk down the aisle. Both are supportive of each other and makes you believe love truly does exist and you can find it anywhere.


The Bachelor Australia – Season 5 2017 – Matty J and Laura

What is better than the heartbroken runner up of the previous season be given the chance to find love? That was exactly the case with Matty J. After the previous season of the Bachelorette where he got his heart broken in Singapore, Matty J was given the opportunity to find the woman of his dreams. He did just that. You knew instantly when he and Laura had their first date of the season, these two were destined to be together. Their instant attraction and banter could not be ignored. If Matty didn’t pick Laura, many would have been shocked. Their story is especially funny – the lived near each other and Laura had a chance sighting of him at a gym, but it took them a TV show to find each other!. After 2 years together, they are engaged and have a child.

The Bachelor US – Season 17 2013 – Sean and Catherine

What is better than a surprise for viewers? Fans were surprised with Sean, The Bachelor who picked Catherine at the finale. Everyone was certain that Lindsay would be the winner, including herself. Despite the shock, they have proven love will always exist. Their wedding was the first televised wedding in Bachelor franchise history in 2014. They now live happily in Texas and are parents to three children.


The Bachelorette US – Season 1 2003 – Trista and Ryan

What makes you believe in love more than the first-ever season of The Bachelorette ending in true love? The fairy tale story became true when Ryan proposed to the first-ever Bachelorette, Trista at the end of her season. The two of them were then married in a televised ceremony in December 2003. Fifteen years later, they live in Colorado and have two children. The happily ever after is what makes them The Bachelor Franchise’s OG success story.

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Bachelor in Paradise US – Season 2 2015 – Jade and Tanner

When you think of Bachelor in Paradise, it is often seen as the spring-break spin-off. A TV show to fill in the time between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Contestants go off to Mexico and spend a little over a month ‘finding the love of their lives’. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ‘successful matchmaking’, but indeed it is. Bachelor in Paradise has resulted in some of the most successful couples from the franchise. After meeting on Bachelor in Paradise, Tanner proposed to Jade at the end of season 2. They then got married in a televised wedding and now have two children!

Bachelor in Paradise US – Season 2 2015 – Jared and Ashley

One of the stories in the Bachelor franchise that has lasted many seasons with many ups and downs. One that shows it may take time to find your true love. Fans saw Ashley pursue Jared on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, two different seasons. Ashley (who is known for crying a lot) knew she was destined to end up with Jared and ended up to be true. Her stint on Bachelor Winter Games was the trigger for Jared to realize that he was finally in love with her. They announced they were dating in May 2018. After one month, they were engaged – the ups and downs made them know they’re each other’s true love.


The Bachelor franchise may be considered trash television but the success stories that have come from the franchise only goes to show true love does exist – you may just have to go on television to find out! These are only just a handful of success stories. There are many other couples in relationships and haven’t been mentioned here. Some couples have been a contestant on respective shows but found their love off-screen, from being in The Bachelor community!

Do you have a favorite Bachelor couple? A couple you wished were still together? Share with us in the comments below!

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