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The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren’t Strozier

The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren’t Strozier

Tallahassee can make it hard to concentrate on school, especially if the main library at FSU is crowded. Mid-way through the semester it seems that everyone discovers Strozier Library, and it becomes impossible to find a seat- on any of the numerous floors. Strozier is a great place to study, but it can become noisy, dirty and often hard to focus here. Lucky for you, Tallahassee has plenty of more hidden places that are great to buckle down and prepare for midterms that lie ahead.

GreenWise Market on Gaines Steet

As of last year, Tallahassee now has a GreenWise Market that is close to campus, clean and relatively quiet. GreenWise is Publix’s more high-end and organic grocery store, carrying some of the same products but more comparable to a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. What makes GreenWise so unique though, is the second floor which is full of varying tables, booths, and desks for college students to catch up on their schoolwork.

I love studying here because the second floor is full of natural lighting, is always clean, and the music is not too distracting or loud. It’s also very convenient that their acai bowl station and other fresh foods are only a few feet away! With so much fresh foods within reach, you will love studying here for long periods of time, uninterrupted. GreenWise is at the top of my list of study spots, being the perfect place to set up your laptop and finish your homework in peace.

Catalina Café

Local to Tallahassee, Catalina Café is located off of Gaines Street- making it easy to walk to class from here or any of the nearby apartments. Catalina Café is a quiet and laid-back café, serving unique coffee drinks, as well as breakfast foods, bagels, and delicious sandwiches. Besides offering plenty of delicious snacks and beverages, Catalina is one of my favorite spots to settle in and write a paper. Catalina is one of those places that never becomes overwhelmingly crowded or noisy, it always feels comfortable and very calming to be here.

The inside of the café is filled with smaller tables and coffee bar, perfect for those looking to study alone and unbothered. There is also a covered outdoor section with larger rectangular tables, good for studying in groups or working on group projects. I love the outdoor area because it’s easy to spread out your notes and to study comfortably. The outdoor area is especially great for fall weather when Tallahassee is a bit cooler and you won’t find yourself sweating- even in the shade. Grab an iced green tea or a pumpkin latte, and study in peace and quiet at Catalina Café.

The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren't Strozier

Cascades Park

While Cascades Park is not the closest to campus, it is only a short drive from most apartments and FSU buildings. If the weather permits, Cascades Park is a great place to enjoy some quiet time and work on your assignments. Cascades does not typically become a loud place unless there is a concert or show occurring at the amphitheater. Even so, there are plenty of covered tables which are great for getting some fresh air while being productive. Many students also like to set up blankets and bring snacks to lay out while working on homework. Studying indoors can feel claustrophobic and boring, so try switching it up by bringing your laptop and books to the park.

The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren't Strozier

Landis Green

Being located in the middle of campus, Landis Green is more of a well-known study spot. Landis is a great place to meet up with friends between or after classes to catch up on work and enjoy some Tallahassee sun while doing it. Not to mention, there are always at least a few cute dogs to cheer you up while completing work. Landis is in a convenient location, surrounded by classroom buildings and very close to our beloved on-campus Chick-fil-a. When Strozier Library is full or feeling crowded, many people like to walk a few feet outside and set up a picnic blanket here to settle in and catch up on assignments. Because this is a popular place to do homework, Landis does not typically become too loud or rowdy.

The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren't Strozier

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William Johnston Building

Also located near the campus Chick-Fil-A, the William Johnston Building is home to Exploratory Major’s Advising, ACE Tutoring Center, the Digital Media Studio, and various classes. What many people do not know, is that this building also has various tables and areas, perfect for studying. Whether you’re waiting for your tutoring appointment at ACE or just looking for an on-campus study spot, William Johnston will always be a safe choice. I love this building because it is always quiet, clean and well air-conditioned. Many people do not study here, so the tables hardly ever fill up or become noisy to study at. This is one of my favorite places to study during finals week because it is one of the few places in Tallahassee that don’t become overcrowded. When you can’t count on Strozier, know that the William Johnston Building will always have a place for you.

The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren't Strozier

Dirac Science Library

Finally, the Dirac Science Library, which is off of Woodward, is another quiet and less known study spot. They’re fully equipped with printers, computer labs, and scanners. Like Strozier, Dirac Library also has a Starbucks located at the entrance. I find that Dirac is much quieter and less crowded than Strozier, making it easier to focus and to find a spot to study under 10 minutes. While Dirac can become crowded during finals week, it’s a great place to study at other times during the year. Dirac also has some outdoor seating which is very peaceful and shaded by trees. Dirac is the ideal spot to study between classes or to print your essay without having to wait in line.

The Best Study Spots In Tallahassee That Aren't Strozier

Home to nearly 33,000 students, Florida State- especially Strozier Library, can feel overcrowded and noisy when trying to catch up on schoolwork. Where are the best spots to study?

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