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The Best Study Spots At Providence College

The Best Study Spots At Providence College

Providence College has so many great spots to sit down and have some quiet study time. Here are some of our favorite ones!

Ever have trouble studying when the people in your dorm are being way too loud, or every seat in the library is occupied? Instead of struggling, venture off to different locations on the Providence College campus to get in a few productive hours worth of studying.

1. Ryan Center

Since opening in early 2017, the Ryan Center is the new go-to spot for studying with its state of the art computer lab that accommodates to business and finance majors. Sink into one of the many soft and comfy couches there that hasn’t yet been worn out. Oh, and you can get a cup of Starbucks coffee there as well when you need a quick caffeine fix before cramming in a night’s worth of studying

The Best Study Spots At Providence College
2. The Reading Room in Ruane

Also known as “The Harry Potter Room” with its gothic architecture, fancy lighting, stained glass windows, and high ceilings. When you have a Civ exam, cuddle up in one of the big armchairs by the fireplace and immerse yourself in your readings … or in your Sparknotes printouts.


The Best Study Spots At Providence College

3. The Downstairs of the Library

It is a bit like a dungeon down there since it is windowless and usually completely barren compared to the upper levels. However, this clearly works for your advantage. Sometimes, you need to free yourself from any distractions when you have to meet a pressing deadline and submit an assignment on Sakai.

4. Any Empty Classroom (preferably one located on the 2nd floor of Ruane)

Sometimes it is easier to study with your friends or classmates in one of the seminar rooms in Ruane. You guys can spread all your laptops and papers at the roundtable or even use one of the chalkboards to write notes. There are also plenty of classrooms in Feinstein and Harkins to study in as well. It is very important to note that Ruane 200 is like a nice, high watchtower with gigantic windows that make up three out of the four walls. It is way better to study in natural lighting than under harsh, blinding fluorescent lights.


5. Accinno Computer Lab

There are over a dozen of computers to choose from, and the lab is in prime location; squished right between lower and upper campus. Plus, there is a printer and Xerox machine that spares you from hiking all the way to the library.

6. Downstairs of St. Dom’s

Some people forget that you can study in lower level of St. Dominic’s Chapel. It is usually extremely quiet down there and plus there is a cozy couch there at your convenience if you ever need to take a 10 minute power nap. Also, as of last year, there was free coffee there in the morning so that is something important to check up on.

7. Upstairs of Slavin

To save yourself from running back and forth to Dunkin, get your notebooks, laptop, and textbooks all situated at a little table or couch and cram in hours worth of studying without having to go on a whole pilgrimage to get a cup of coffee.

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8. McPhail’s

Studying at a bar at 2:00 in the afternoon is not weird at all. Bonus: there is free popcorn to snack on.

9. Smith Center for the Arts

When there isn’t a play performing or rehearsals, Smith is usually very quiet. The building is quite large so there are plenty of classrooms to study in at Providence College.


10. Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies

Located right next to Aquinas Lounge (another great study spot), the Dominican Studies room at Providence College is complete with computers, wooden tables, gorgeous stained glass windows, dim lighting, and old leather-bound books with names such as Martin Luther and Tolkien inscribed on them. This room actually has more of a Harry Potter feel than the reading room in Ruane.

The Best Study Spots At Providence College

Where are your favorite study spots at Providence College? Tell us in the comments!
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