The Best Street Food In NYC

Knowing the best street food in NYC is important when making your way around the city. From hot dogs to tacos, we've listed some of the best!

What makes a city distinctive from other cities? It’s culture, it’s people, it’s politics, and…it’s street food. Everywhere in the world you may travel, there’s a different menu for street cuisine. Unique flavors that you’ll get only there. Well you’ll find that, ironically, our street food here in New York signifies our diversity and shows how our culture is just like every other place in the world. There’s not just hot dogs here (which are german btw). There’s Greek, Indian, Mexican, and many other street foods. Here’re some deets to help you explore your options of the best street food in NYC!

Hot Dogs

We’ll just get this one out of the way. Hot dogs are like the original original street food; although the dog idea originated in Germany and are called frankfurters. In New York City streets they have variations of toppings and are served up with a soda and a pretzel. Which is all obvious and a great original street food. But if you’re looking for the best hot dog on the street, Dominick’s Hot Dog Truck has been called the best street food and given a 5 star rating by many. You’ll find them in my city, Queens, over on Woodhaven Blvd. Get two because no one can eat only one.

The Best Street Food In NYC


Chicken over rice on the street. Yes. For many this is a full meal. An entire plate (or in this case a styrofoam tray) of food for 5 dollars, prepared in 5 minutes. That’s what street food is about. This is one the best street foods in NYC because of the white sauce alone. The Halal guys prepare food according to the Islamic culture. If you’re looking for a good spot, try any of The Halal Guys trucks. And try a gyro too. Chicken over rice sandwich style. Mmmm. Definitely the best street food in NYC.

The Best Street Food In NYC


Franky’s Souvlaki truck is the go to spot for chicken on a stick. They’ve got the best bbq flavored street food in NYC. Shrimp, pork, salad, sandwiches, rice. In the words of Shirley Caesar, “YOU NAME IT.” Lol. Find these guys around Astoria Queens if you’re up for some good BBQ. They’re only found in this area so like most good foods you have to travel to get to it. This style of food is native to Greece and fits right in this area where you’ll find a lot of Greek people, restaurants, and stores.

The Best Street Food In NYC


In Queens, tacos are a street food. Over on the Jackson Heights side there’s a Sabor Mexicano cart that makes tacos that are to die for. Original flavors and original toppings. Not as exclusive as the Taquerias in Mexico City with the green beans and roasted scallions on the side, but close enough. This is a personal fav and one of the best street foods in NYC. You have to make sure and get cilantro with your order for it to really taste right. Definitely a hit if you’re hanging at one of the Mexican bars or lounges over there at night because they’re open late and you can grab a bite when you’re leaving.

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The Best Street Food In NYC


Lastly, you don’t have to go to a charcuterie to get good Italian food. We’ve got those here too. The DISO’s cart in NYC will dish you up an exotic Italian-style sandwich. The ones with the prosciutto, the mozz, the balsamic dressing. It’ll be the greatest street food you’ve ever tasted. Try Midtown in the city, between 47th and Park Avenue. This one here is Called the Godfather and has broccoli rabe on it.

The Best Street Food In NYC

You don’t always have to sit in an upscale restaurant to enjoy the best. Plus the best street food in NYC make life easy because you can get them anywhere and eat them anywhere. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried any of these street foods in NYC and what you think! What do you think is the best street food in NYC?
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