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The Best Stores To Buy Denim From

The Best Stores To Buy Denim From

The Best Stores To Buy Denim From

Let’s face it–buying denim is an investment. The last thing anybody wants is to buy a pair of jeans or jean shorts and have them rip or wear out. Unfortunately, most times you have to spend a pretty penny in order to have lasting jeans. While some places can be a rip-off for their denim prices, these are the best places to buy it that will actually last.

1. Urban Outfitters

Hands down, one of the best places to buy denim. I was skeptical at first to try jeans from Urban, since I typically feel like most of their stuff is way overpriced. However, a friend of mine swears by their BDG jeans, so naturally, I had to buy a pair and try for myself. Confirmed: they are the best! While you should be prepared to spend at least $60, they are worth it. They have a ton of styles, and they shape to your body really nicely.

2. GAP

GAP is another one of my favorite places to buy denim. Every time I’ve bought a pair of jeans from there, they’ve lasted me until I either grow out of them, or I don’t like them anymore (for whatever reason). Their jeans run usually from $60-$85, but more times than not they have sales where you can get them for around $50. When you feel and wear these jeans, you can tell they’re made well and are good quality. My favorite thing about their denim is that most of it is made out of a stretch material.


3. Paige Denim

While Paige is most definitely the most expensive brands to buy denim for, they really are worth it. If you think Levi’s is good quality, then you’ve never worn a pair of these jeans. They typically run from around $200-$240, but these are what a jean or style expert would call an “investment” piece. I’ve only owned one pair of Paige jeans before, but they are worth it. The best thing about these jeans is that they don’t fade, and you don’t have to wash them hardly ever because they keep their shape.

4. Abercrombie

I know what you’re thinking. Abercrombie? I wore that in like fourth grade. Trust me, I thought that too. Though it may not be the hot spot to buy other clothes, their jeans are actually decent quality and not too expensive. My sister could rave about these jeans left and right. The best part is, they’re around $45 for a pair. Your wallet will thank you for these jeans, and it allows a little extra room to splurge.

5. Topshop

For someone who wants Nordstrom quality but maybe not some of the prices, these jeans are for you! They compare in price to GAP or BDG from Urban, and are just as good of quality. I LOVE their shorts and I can’t wait to try their denim in the fall. Their “mom shorts” are the cutest ever, and be prepared to receive compliments on them left and right.

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So there you have it–next time you need a new pair of jean shorts or jeans, make sure you check out one of these places. You won’t want to try denim from anywhere else, ever.

Pro tip: For any pair of jeans to keep them from fading (especially more expensive ones like Paige), put them in a Zip-lock bag and in the freezer for a few days. They will go back to their original shape and form without the damage of putting them in the wash.


Which brand is your favorite or are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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