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The Best Spotify Playlists To Listen To While Studying For Winter Finals

The Best Spotify Playlists To Listen To While Studying For Winter Finals

The Best Studying Playlist To Get You Through Exams

With winter finals coming up, it is more important than ever to get into that studying zone, and this goes for any field of study, really. Whether it’s a big test (or two), a presentation or a timed essay, it is major to get that material sunk into your brain. And, sometimes, certain types of music can get you in that zone in preparation for the week to come. I say “certain”, because the choice of music while studying is very limited if you want to stay focused. Generally speaking, the best types of music for this situation are genres that area lightly dancing in the background of your brain, rather than starting a mosh pit. And, different types of soothing music vary the headspace you want to be put in. Below are 11 of the best Spotify playlists to listen to while getting ready for that last week of the quarter/semester that every student dreads. This includes blank such as instrumental strings, piano, guitar, and even low-vibe electronic beats.

1. Epic All-Nighter

Mixtures of piano, strings and all of the relaxing vibes complete this first Spotify playlist. This one is perfect for the study session you have a feeling would take all night. And, with how long this playlist is, it’ll still be there to greet that morning sunrise over the trees through your dorm window. Includes music by the Fleet Foxes, Ludovico Einaudi, Linkin Park, Zack Hemsey, and parts of the soundtrack from the fanciful comedy Ameile.


2. Soft Rock

If you simply must add some form of rock into your study routine, there’s no saying that soft rock won’t kill your educational vibe. If you prefer to have the volume on a lower level on this one, that’s totally okay, too. If the volume isn’t even an issue, then by all means blast it, just remember to be courteous of your neighbors who prefer quiet while preparing for winter finals. Featuring artists include Chris Cornell, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and Tears for Fears.

3. Late Night Jazz

If the title says it, then you know it’s perfect for that all-nighter. Spotify calls this playlist the “perfect backdrop to an evening spent relaxing in solitude.” One listen, and you’re strolling down a New Orleans street, greeted by the full moon and a warm cup of tea. Featuring artists include Duke Ellington, Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, and Marc Johnson.


4. Lo-fi Beats

With combined elements of hip hop and jazz, this Spotify playlist was made to let your mind chill and get in that zone. Almost anyone you look up will have the words “beats to listen/study to” next to the title. Even when you need to take that study break (which is always recommended to save you from frying your brain), this playlist will put your mind in that ease that it deserves. Featuring artists include aimless, C Y G N, Philanthrope, Psalm Trees, and Leavv.

5. Intense Studying

This next Spotify playlist is one to listen to when you have closed your bubble, and you want nothing to pop that bubble. And, based on the name of the playlist, it’s one that can never fail to put you in that zone. This playlist is described to “score your study session with some calming, focus-enhancing classical and instrumental works.” Featuring artists include Robin Bennich, Charles Bolt, and Ever So Blue.

6. Mellow Beats

A little more upbeat than Lo-fi, this Spotify playlist provides a variety of low-key instrumental beats that may have you catching your head bopping only a little. This is another one you can enjoy with the volume as high or as low as you want. Featuring artists include Wun Two, ØDYSSEE, Funky DL, and 9th Wonder.


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7. Calming Acoustic

What’s more soothing than the strings of an acoustic guitar dancing on the player’s fingers? The answer is, aside from the other Spotify playlists on this list, nothing. If you prefer a playlist that’s soft, mellow, and won’t surprise you while your brain is shifted to whatever material you’re studying, then this comes at a high recommendation. It is almost impossible not to have a calm mindset with a melody of guitars playing in the background while you study. Featuring artists include Aurelien Trigo, Antonio Garcia, the O’Neill Brothers Group, and Manuel Boltano.


8. Calm Vibes

The title of this Spotify playlist does not kid around. One look down the paper or the computer screen, and your focus takes you to the top of a mountain range, looking down at the world on top of it all. And, that mindset surely will help prepare you for those finals you might not feel as ready for. Featuring artists include Agni Bjark, Charles Bolt, Ever So Blue, and Sigrid Vass.

9. Nature Sounds

If notes and rhythm are too much for your study zone, the next best option is a playlist of music sung by Mother Nature. Take your clouded mind through the rainforest, a thunderstorm in the Amazon, or even in the foam in the crashing ocean waves. Whichever nature sounds take your mind into that place of ease, you never really run out of options.

10. Brain Food

With the title of this Spotify playlist, it doesn’t really need that much explaining about the music it provides. This one, in particular, gives more of a hypnotic feel to your study session, and, unlike some of these other playlists, each song differs vastly from one another. Send your mind into space with elements of acoustic guitar, as well as electronic artists like, Odesza, Above and Beyond, Flume, and Ookay.


11. Deep Focus

Give your study place more of an atmospheric feel with this next Spotify playlist. And there’s no question as to how your focal point will be as it’s getting lost in the space-like music it provides. Featuring artists include Airwaves, LUCHS, Lights & Motion, Helios, and Hilder Sky.

Which of these Spotify playlists do you think could help with studying for finals? Which playlist do you recommend that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment below!

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