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10 Of The Best Spooky Halloween Candies

10 Of The Best Spooky Halloween Candies

What is the best part of Halloween? Is it the scary decorations everyone puts up or the haunted houses set up? The eerie yet interesting feel of the holiday? Or perhaps the parties and the perfect excuse to dress up like something out of the ordinary? For most of us, the answer is none of these. Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is great because of the spooky feeling and the fun aura it has, but there’s something else that truly makes it wonderful.  I am of course talking about candy. The sweet treats are everywhere during Halloween and no, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them. You might not go trick or treating as an adult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy some candy for yourself during the holiday. 

So many people have a plethora of Halloween candy stacked for the holiday, whether it’s parents preparing for the onslaught of children that will arrive at their doorstep or college students who simply needed something to help them destress from midterms during the month. And come on, let’s be real and say that even if the candy isn’t for yourself, you still grabbed a piece or two to have. It’s not hard to see why. So many Halloween candies are simply delightful, from Laffy Taffies to Kit Kats. But of course, what makes candy on Halloween truly special is all the seasonal varieties offered. Many Halloween candies are offered in smaller sizes for the holiday, and some even have special flavors. Almost all will have some sort of special wrapping that is Halloween themed.

Halloween candies are what truly makes the holiday delightful. These candies can come in unique flavors and often are super sweet. You can usually also easily find them at your grocery store during the season. You don’t have to go far to find some great Halloween candies offered. From glow in the dark candies to ghost-shaped sweets, there are so many cool treats you can find for the spooky holiday. Here are 10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

1. Glow In The Dark Kit Kat Chocolate

You can make the popular treat even better by getting the glow in the dark version. If you’re worried that the candy is going to taste funky or worse, be actually super dangerous, don’t fret. Only the wrapper is glow in the dark. You can have them set out in a bowl at night, making your room or kitchen look super cool. The white glow emitted by the wrapper is sure to make your Halloween candy selection super spooky, and thus perfect for the holiday. 

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

2. M&M’s White Pumpkin Pie 

Um, hello yes. This limited edition M&M pack is sure to be a hit with people who love super sweet candy.  The M&M contains white chocolate, making them super sugary and tasty and they are coated in pumpkin pie candy coating. They are definitely a must-buy for anyone who loves pumpkin-flavored foods. 

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

3. Prextex Halloween Themed Lollipops

Get classic with some traditionally spooky-themed lollipops. These lollipops come in spooky shapes like eyeballs and gravestones. Every candy is unique and all of them taste great. You’ll definitely get compliments if you opt to buy these for a Halloween party or put them in your trick or treat bowl.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

4. Reese’s Halloween Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Reese’s are the perfect treat for Halloween. The peanut butter and chocolate go great together, making it a delicious candy. So of course, the pumpkin-shaped Reese’s made for Halloween are a great choice for the spooky holiday.  Plus they come in snack sizes, making them perfect for when you are craving something sweet but don’t want something too heavy.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

5. DOVE PROMISES Variety Mix Harvest Halloween Chocolate Candy Pumpkins

Another pumpkin-shaped candy that is great is Dove Promises Variety Mix Harvest Halloween Chocolate Candy Pumpkins. These chocolates by dove are absolutely delicious. They have a rich and sweet flavor to them and come in multiple flavors. The bag is full of different chocolates that are wrapped with cute Halloween designs. It’s a great candy bag to get if you want multiple types of chocolate available for Halloween.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

6. KitKat Pumpkin Pie Snack Size

Show your pumpkin love with this Kitkat snack that is pumpkin flavored. The candy comes in cute wrapping and has pumpkin pie flavored creme in the wafers. The mini size makes it the perfect dessert for an October night.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

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7. Caramel Apple Pops

These Caramel Apple Pops are tart yet sweet and perfect for the fall. The sweet candies are cheap and super yummy. It is a great way to enjoy something Halloween themed that has caramel. You’ll definitely want to consider getting these if you like the texture of both lollipops and caramel.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

8. Brach’s Bag Mellowcreme Autumn Mix

Candy corn can be more interesting with this version of the snack. Love or hate candy corn, you can’t deny the candy is a Halloween classic. This mix contains candy corn and pumpkin-shaped candy. Both treats are sugary and sweet, making it a good candy to have in your treat bowl.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

9. Spooky Nerds

These spooky nerds are super cute and interesting. They come in a cute Halloween candy box and there are multiple flavors. The nerds come in the flavors orange and punch flavors. Definitely a good pick for anyone who wants something simple yet delicious for the Halloween season.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

10. Ghost Reeses

These ghost-shaped Reeses are super cute and fun. Definitely a great way to show some Halloween spirit this October.  They are so cool and super spooky, so you will want to get them for Halloween. You can usually easily find them at stores like Target or Safeway when it’s close to Halloween. You can get them in snack size, so they won’t be too much to eat if you decide to have one for yourself. Definitely a great pick for Halloween.

10 of the best spooky Halloween candies.

Are there any other Halloween candies you like? Comment below and tell us!

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