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The Best Snacks To Store In A Dorm Room

The Best Snacks To Store In A Dorm Room

So you’re moving into a dorm for college and want to know what snacks you should and could bring that’ll fit into your mini-fridge and won’t take up too much space in your specified snack drawer. Well, no worries this article is right up your alley.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are simple and won’t take up all that much space in your tiny fridge as you can just store them in your food drawer instead of the fridge. These are great if you’re trying to find snacks that don’t go in the fridge. Rice Cakes are also great because you can add toppings to them and are easy to store in Tupperware or ziplock bags. These by themselves although healthy don’t have a lot of flavor. Adding peanut butter to the rice cake and bananas is a nice and simple snack which is quite tasty despite the very minimal ingredients. Rice cakes also are a great afternoon snack if you add some avocados and a little bit of sea salt on top. Because they’re a pantry staple you don’t have to worry about making sure the container is airtight as these are quite difficult if almost impossible to make it go stale.Snacks

Protein Bars

These are great especially if you start to get too busy to eat a proper meal Protein bars stop you from getting the energy drinks jitters. These bars are perfect to take with you when you’re running late or might be hungry later but are unsure that you will have enough time to go out and get food in between classes. All you need to do is throw these bars in your bag and you’re ready. Protein Bars also make a great pantry staple.


Snacks Granola Bars


This is an item that you have to put in your fridge but it’s a healthy add on snack and the packaging isn’t bulky so it can easily fit into your mini-fridge. Hummus is a healthy snack that you can add to rice cakes or eat with fresh veggies like a packet of baby carrots. There are plenty of brands and types of hummus to choose from. You can get plain but I prefer to eat red pepper hummus. Hummus also works with pita chips if you’re into something crunchy that isn’t vegetable-based. Hummus is the healthy secret heroes of our fast-paced studious life.

Snacks Hummus



Is a college student really a college student if they don’t go through a ramen phase? This is a staple for college kids all around the country and is a trope in movies for a reason. You have chicken, beef, soy sauce, shrimp, chili pepper, etc there’s a wide variety of flavors for even those vegetarian and vegan options. The cup o noodles are a bit bulkier than the top ramen but it’s your choice. Cup o noodles offer the convenience of not needing a bowl to put them in. It could also be a nice warm snack or meal for those gray days in the dorm. Ramen is also great for those on a tight student budget as they’re roughly 25 cents a pack or around $3 a box.

Snacks Ramen

Easy Mac and Cheese

Easy microwavable mac and cheese are around the same style as ramen. All you really need is some water, a fork (plastic or reusable), and a microwave. This makes a great snack or mini-meal when you’re not that hungry. Perfect to just eat while you’re curled up in bed re-watching Gossip Girl. However, watch out as these mini packets are easily bingeable and probably won’t last long. This is also a pantry staple and won’t take up room in your fridge. Mac and Cheese are a great lazy meal when you’re too tired from studying or working to make much else. Also, nothing hits better than being drunk or just a bit hungover and eating macaroni and cheese when the cup warms your hands.


Snacks Macaroni and Cheese

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Chocolate is a great treat your self snack that you should definitely add to your mini-fridge. This snack could work as a great reward after a long study session or what could keep you going during an all-nighter. They are also perfect for a quick treat after completing a midterm, final, or any test you have been dreading. ┬áTrader Joes also offers chocolate covered espresso beans which are tasty and give you a small jolt of energy when you’re in serious need of caffeine. Both are delicious items that you should add to your list of dorm room snacks. The trader joes espresso jeans are also relatively cheap and work great as an easy snack to munch on as you go while studying or doing homework. A regular chocolate bar is a perfect mini treat after studying or finishing a test while the chocolate covered espresso beans work as a great snack during an all nighter or when you’re cramming to finish your homework on time.


Snacks Chocolate Espresso Beans


The life saving small cup snacks. There’s such a variety of snacks that there has to be one in your preferred flavor. There’s even vegan yogurt if you need one that milk free. Besides having a variety of fruit flavors like strawberry, cherry, vanilla, even blueberry there’s a varied mix of yogurt. If you kinda like yogurt but prefer the sweeter ones you can have the danimals, Trix, kid based yogurt, or the yogurt that adds the m&m’s or Oreos on the top of the lid. You have greek yogurt and flip cup yogurt. Yogurt also goes well when you add just a bit of granola on top and mix it in to add some texture. This easily accessible snack is great when you wake up late because you didn’t hear your alarm and you have a morning class and you just know that if you go to class your stomach will be extra loud. Take a plastic spoon and you can eat your yogurt on the way to your class and hopefully that plus the granola bar you have stashed somewhere in your bag will hold you till the end of the lecture.

Snacks Yogurt


What snacks do you keep in your dorm? Tell us in the comments!