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The Best Small Instagram Boutiques to Shop From

The Best Small Instagram Boutiques to Shop From

Are you looking to up your style game and stand out from the crowd? Are you tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again? Shake up your closet with pieces from these Instagram boutiques and brands.

FINESSE (@finesseusstudios) 

FINESSE is the first shop I would highly recommend. They are the very first AI-led fashion house. Their designs are cute, trendy, and bold. From corset dresses to two-piece sets, FINESSE has it all. I am absolutely in love with their designs, and I get lots of compliments when I wear one of their designs. They are also very affordable compared to other boutiques. FINESSE makes wonderful evening wear, as well as casual clothes. I would compare their vibe to Fashion Nova. They are different from Fashion Nova because they are very sustainable. Everything is made to order so that there is no overconsumption or waste. FINESSE has a very size-inclusive collection, so everyone can find something that they love! Another wonderful thing about FINESSE is that it is LGBTQ-owned. 


Fox and Hen Camden (@Foxandhencamden)

Fox and Hen Camden is the cutest and most playful boutique! Fox and Hen Camden is a creative take on your typical southern boutique. They carry lots of eclectic styles. You can find practically anything here! I am a big fan of their bright colors and bold statement pieces. From fringed leather, to glitter leopards, to green lamé, and more! Fox and Hen Camden are great because they also carry clothes for men as well as women. They also have a brick-and-mortar location in Camden, Alabama, if you would like to visit in person! You can also pick up online orders from there. 

Dorothea’s Closet Vintage (@dorotheasclosetvintage)

One of my favorite places to shop is Dorothea’s Closet. This brand is great because it is female-owned and operated, run by Angela Petraline. Dorothea’s Closet offers the best of the best: old-school elegance meets modern-day cutting edge-fashion. Out of all the boutiques on this list, they have the cheapest prices. You can shop from their one-of-a-kind vintage collection, or from their modern fashion line, called DotDotLove. Celebrities such as Jessica Lange and Dita Von Tease have sported this iconic brand. This company is very inclusive when it comes to sizing, and they often list the measurements of their vintage garments in the description of the product. One of the coolest parts of Dorothea’s Closet is that they will buy your vintage clothes too! You can make money and also shop for more clothes, it’s a win-win deal!

Paul Landry Co (@paullandryco) 

Are you looking for the cutest vintage-inspired coastal outfits? Look no further than Paul Laundry. All of the pieces in this collection encapsulate the old-school-New-England-prep vibe, in the best way. For fans of the old-money aesthetic, this is the brand for you. Paul Landry Co was started in 2017, inspired by a hiking trip in Vermont. The brand has its own store in Bath, Maine, for in-person shopping. Their best sellers include cozy t-shirts and classic crew neck sweatshirts. Their dad hats are cute as well! I will admit that these pieces are definitely on the more expensive side, but they are really built to last. Investing in a cute sweatshirt that you will wear over and over again is absolutely worth the price tag. They would make a lovely Christmas gift for your loved ones (or even yourself!)


Kiel James Patrick (@kieljamespatrick) 

Another New England-inspired brand! Kiel James Patrick is one of my favorite Instagram boutiques to shop from. They are experts at the cozy Christmas sweater. They have sweaters for every occasion, including Halloween and Valentine’s Day! Like Paul Landry Co, this brand is inspired by sailing and nautical life. Kiel James Patrick is constantly bringing in new pieces for every season, so it is easy to find something you will love. Kiel James Patrick also has a line for pets! They sell beautiful plaid bandanas and leather collars for dogs. There are some pieces from this brand that you can get embroidered with your initials. I highly recommend getting your sweater personalized, it makes the experience of wearing it so much more special. Having bought from this brand before, I can attest to its quality. The shipping was very quick, and the embroidery on my sweater was beautiful. Their brick-and-mortar store is located in Newport, Rhode Island. 

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West of Breakfast (@westofbreakfast)

West of Breakfast is a super chic loungewear brand. If you took the “clean girl” aesthetic and made a brand out of it, you would get West of Breakfast. West of Breakfast was founded in 2019 by sisters Sarah Kate Price and Anna Price Connolly. They specialize in making fashionable pajama sets, which are comfortable and stylish enough to wear outside. They absolutely hit the nail on the head with their gorgeous designs! Once again, these sets are an investment piece. They might cost more than your typical pajama set, but they are something you are going to want to wear time after time. It is my personal belief that everyone, no matter what, should have a cute and comfortable pair of pajamas to wear to bed. These sets would also make a lovely gift!

Dalabél Official (dalabel.official)

Dalabél is one of the most exciting small Instagram boutiques that I’ve found so far. All of the pieces are handmade in England and made out of deadstock vintage fabrics. The vibe of the whole collection is very romantic and elegant. Dalabél sells different types of crop tops, as well as skirts. One of their most popular selling items is the Juliet crop top, made out of toile-patterned fabric. This brand is very small, and the brand accepts orders in small quantities when it comes to certain kinds of fabric. All of the designs are made to order, which avoids overconsumption and textile waste! The best part about the brand is that every drop is unique, and the clothes you order will be one of a kind. Dalabél is also female-owned and operated! If you buy from this brand, you’ll be supporting a small fashion house, looking after the environment, and look absolutely fabulous while doing it. 


The best part about shopping these brands is that you are supporting small businesses! There is no better feeling than knowing your hard-earned cash is going to a good place, and you have a special package to look forward to in the mail! What are your favorite Instagram boutiques to shop from?

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