The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping

The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be either an enjoyable, or aggravating experience. When it’s a Saturday morning, and you can take all the time figuring out what type of sharp cheese you want, that’s awesome. But, when there’s long lines, even at self checkout and the aisles are crowded – that’s not so fun. Online shopping for groceries has made life easier, allowing us to shop the same food we would in a store without actually having to go through every aisle. You can choose to pick up your groceries or get them delivered, making it super easy to browse on your phone for all the snacks and frozen dinners we could ask for. Here’s the best sites to check out for your weekly online grocery shopping!

1. Target

I think a lot of us can say that Target has a lot to offer when it comes to clothing, books, household decor, makeup, tech accessories – actually, pretty much everything. But, it’s easy to forget they have more than that and boxes of mac and cheese, they also have frozen goodies, and produce! Target’s app or online website is an accessible way to get your groceries and household items in same day delivery, or pick them up in store. You can find meat, vegetarian options, snacks, even alcohol (at some locations) etc. all at Target. We know that it can be easy to walk in and spend money on things we don’t actually need just because they’re cute, but Target’s option for online grocery shopping allows us to take our time picking out exactly what we will need for food for the week!

The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping
Courtesy of @target Instagram.

2. Whole Foods

Being able to access Whole Foods delivery through Amazon Prime is seriously a great feature. I tried this out in California for the first time and was so pleased with the experience. You go online to Amazon, select Whole Foods, do your shopping and select your time frame, which is in 2 hour windows, like 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm. You can also track when your groceries are being prepared, picked up and are almost on the way to your house. This works well especially if you are shopping at the beginning of the week and are working, so you can literally just select what time works best for you and it’ll be delivered at your door step by the time you get home. Also, since being a Prime member, you can score some deals on food items! 

The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping
Courtesy of @wholefoods Instagram.

3. Imperfect Foods

I recently heard of Imperfect Foods through a friend and had to check out what it was all about. Rather than shopping for your produce and other foods in person, you can select a type of box online at Imperfect Foods’ website for your online grocery shopping. You can choose between a regular ($16) or organic ($24) box, that both pack up fresh and tasty food. When you sign up, your boxes are customized to your liking. Suggestions will be made to your box, but if you’re not interested, you can remove them and add what you like. It works on a subscription basis, where all you have to do is decide if you don’t need groceries that week, want them delivered every two weeks, or just weekly, making it even easier so you don’t have to head to the grocery store. If you’re unsure what to make for dinner that night, Imperfect Foods also has recipes available on their website to help you decide!

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The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping
Courtesy of @imperfectfoods Instagram.

4. Hello Fresh

I can’t talk enough about how great Hello Fresh is for online grocery shopping. Cooking can be hard, it can be time consuming, and sometimes you spend a long time cooking dinner and you end up not loving it. That’s where Hello Fresh comes in. You customize a plan for yourself, or your family, based off dietary preferences. Before you even sign up with Hello Fresh, you can take a look at the weekly recipes to see what they are offering and see the variety of spices, and ingredients they use in their meals! The box from Hello Fresh will come with instructions to making each recipe as well all the food you will need to prepare it. It comes in portion sizes available to how many people you select that you’ll be cooking for. This means, you have all that you need to cook, that way you don’t waste food! It is sustainable, delicious and an easy way to learn how to cook, try a new recipe or just enjoy a fresh meal. 

The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping
Courtesy of @hellofresh Instagram.

5. Peapod

Another grocery delivery service is Peapod, operated through Stop & Shop. I feel like I can’t be the only one who checks out at Stop & Shop and realizes that I could’ve saved more money if I had actually thought about what I really needed for the week. It’s true, groceries add up, especially if you forget to check what you already have at home. Online grocery shopping is a treat, and having it done through your local grocery store, Stop & Shop, makes it even more convenient. Peapod allows you to browse by aisles, and see what is on sale, so you can virtually be in the store. You can even create your own grocery list on their website, so you can refer to it when you’re browsing for groceries. Once you select your delivery window, you will be good to go and can start planning your meals once your food arrives! If you have forgotten about what you used to make that really tasty dinner last month, you can look back at what you purchased through Peapod rather than digging up old grocery lists and buying something you don’t need. For online grocery shopping and delivery, I would say Peapod is one of the most convenient, easily available and helpful websites around.

The Best Sites To Try For Your Weekly Online Grocery Shopping
Courtesy of @peapoddelivers Instagram.
How do you prefer to shop for your weekly groceries? Have you tried any of these sites for weekly grocery shopping? Let us know in the comments!
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