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The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer

The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer

The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer
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San Francisco is one of those cities you can never get sick of. The weather, the sites, and the food make this a must-visit city for a lot of people. Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or the 50th, we have a list of the best sites to see in San Francisco this summer.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Disney fans rejoice! San Francisco has a little Mickey Mouse magic for you. You probably already have an in-depth knowledge of Walt Disney, but check out this museum anyways. There are different galleries and exhibitions for you to meander through as you learn about the man behind the mouse. They even offer animation and storytelling workshops and screen your favorite Disney movies! Just be sure to check out their website for more information.The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer

Lombard Street

Check out San Francisco’s most crookedest street this summer! Lombard Street is infamous for its steep slope, sharp turns, and gorgeous flowers. Hang out for a few minutes at the top or bottom and see the curious site of cars trying to maneuver this road. Pedestrians aren’t allowed to walk on the actual street, but there is a staircase on the side for you to use if you’re not up for that drive.

Haight Street

If you’re into coffee shops and thrift stores, you need to check out Haight Street in San Francisco. Spend a couple hours exploring this neighborhood with a great latte and a happy wallet. The street art makes walking around this neighborhood seem like a walk through an art gallery. Arguably the home of the hipster scene in San Francisco, it’s one of those places that’s remained true to itself through the decades of tourism.

Union Square

For all the shopping lovers out there, Union Square is where you’re spending your day. And money. Huge plaza. Great stores. Good food. There is also a huge outdoor public square for you to soak in the sun after a long day of shopping. Take a moment and bask in the largeness of the buildings and the uniqueness of the architecture. Then, buy a latte — there’s still more shopping to get done!

The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer


You don’t know Chinatown till you’ve visited the one in San Francisco. The smells. The sounds. The people. It’s one of those places that is pretty indescribable. It has the best Chinese food, drink and dessert around — the next best thing would be to actually fly to China. For those looking for a bit more culture, check out the Taoist Thien Hau Temple and small art galleries in this neighborhood!

Muir Woods National Monument

This one was a recent discovery of mine and a recent fave. If you want a little break from the city, drive a little up north of San Francisco to visit the Muir Woods National Monument. Their massive redwood trees will absolutely take your breath away. And so will the hikes. Cardio, anyone? A few trails even offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the top of the red woods. It’s summertime and we’re supposed to be spending some time outdoors — you might as well do it with some killer views.

The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer

Baker Beach

Get a new view of the Golden Gate Bridge by seeing it from the shoreline. Baker Beach sits below the bridge so you have the perfect spot to grab that much-needed Insta pic! Grab a blanket, pack some snacks and bring your best friends! Spend a nice summer day with a cool breeze and unbeatable view. Your followers will be asking you how you got such an epic shot of the bridge!

The Best Sites To See In San Francisco This Summer

What are you must-go spots in San Francisco for the summer?

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