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The Best Shoes To Buy For Summer 2022

The Best Shoes To Buy For Summer 2022

Shoes are what make or break any outfit. That said, you’ll want to know ahead of time what shoes are in this summer. Here are some trends I’ve been noticing in footwear that you might want to look into:

1. Hi-Top Converse

Dust off your Chuck Taylors.

Throwback to 2012 when these were everywhere on Tumblr. Dig out your old pair of Converse from your closet, because they’re back in style. I honestly don’t think they ever went out. Converse are such versatile shoes that pair well with almost everything. I’ve seen a lot of people styling them with maxi skirts, myself included. I love to wear my amazon green Converse with a long, airy black skirt and a plain or graphic tee. This is proof that we’ve come full-circle with trends: at the age of 21, I’m dressing like I did in middle school. The current popular colors for these shoes seem to be red, light armory blue, and the classic black. One of my friends just got a white pair with flower embroidered on them, and I think they’re absolutely adorable. This goes without saying, but you can explore all the different options on the Converse website or at secondary sellers like Urban Outfitters. 


2. Ballet Flats

Bonjour, ballet flats!

Here’s another blast from the past. Do you remember wearing ballet flats to middle school dances because you couldn’t walk in heels? Well, the time for ballet flats has come again. Red heeled ballet flats are big right now, especially for people trying to perfect the messy Parisian look. Ooh-la-la. This specific pair of red shoes from Repetto are hot. However, they are definitely on the pricier side. Not to worry—there are countless listings on Depop for similar shoes. You might have more luck there, unless you want to splurge. These Repetto ballet flats are so classic and durable that I would suggest investing in a pair. 

3. Cowboy Boots



Saddle up! Cowboy boots aren’t moseying away just yet. While they might be too hot for some summer days, they’re a nice option for a cooler, late-night event. I think that cowboy boots are the perfect party shoes, especially if you’re living it up somewhere down South this season. I, for one, will be in New England and still continue to wear my pair of boots. In terms of what to wear with them, I recommend a short, sleeveless dress or a loose top and shorts. I got lucky and scored mine for $12 at a vintage shop. You’re sure to come across these shoes at any secondhand store! Also, if you want to add more color to your wardrobe, I advise you to get a pair in cherry red. That’s the color of cowboy boots I own, and I’m obsessed with them.

4. Chunky Flip-Flops

Y2K realness.

Chunky flip-flops, will you marry me? I love these shoes so much. Something about there being platforms on sandals makes them ten times cuter. I get total Lizzie McGuire, Y2k vibes from the pair above. I love how colorful chunky flip-flops are, light green and lilac being my favorite options they come in. Since these shoes are very trendy at the moment, there’s no shortage of stores that sell them. You can try ASOS or Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s website for platform sandals. I’ve seen people style them in so many different ways; I love them with a mini-skirt and a crochet or halter top. 


5. Dad Sneakers

Perfect for running errands.

These are the best shoes to thrift. In my opinion, the more run-down they look, the better. Dad sneakers are effortlessly chic; I love a simple pair of white ones matched with a brighter color (like the green sweatpants in the picture above). You can slip these on when you’re running errands or going for a jog. Does anyone else have their designated grocery store shoes? These are mine. I feel strangely put-together when I’m wearing my old trainers with biker shorts, a tote bag, and a bun. If you can’t find these at a thrift store, just raid your dad’s closet for a pair. It’s as easy as that.  

6. Pointed Toe Heels

Once again, I'm brought back to Tumblr 2012.

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Why must a shoe that’s so uncomfortable look so stylish? Beauty is pain, I guess. These shoes are worth the blisters they’ll inflict. While round and open toes have had their moment, pointed toes are here to stay. I think these are perfect for a more elegant outfit. Picture yourself wearing these at a nice, outdoor dinner with friends…you’ll be the most fashionable person there! Neon is back this summer, so if you want to be extra bold, rock a pair of bright pink or green pointed toe heels. I know I will! Once I get my hands on these shoes, I’ll pair them with a maxi dress for a graceful, feminine look.

7. Funky Platforms

Look at that height!


As we saw with the chunky flip-flops, platforms are going to be a huge trend this summer. In this case, the funkier they are, the better. If you’re a bold dresser, these are the shoes for you. I’m a bit intimidated by them myself, to be completely honest. If I had a pair, I would style them with a casual mini dress and a leather blazer on top. With shoes like these, you might want to make the rest of your outfit more simple so that they can get their chance to shine. Again, I love how people aren’t shying away from using colors with these platforms. Green is my personal favorite, but I also think hot pink platform heels are stunning. 

See a pattern with these shoes? It looks like our current trend cycle is taking inspiration from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Y2k and bright, playful shoes will for sure have their moment this season. If that isn’t the look for you, don’t worry. We won’t judge you if you want to stick with flip-flops. 

What summer trend is your favorite? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to share this post with the shoe lover in your life!

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