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The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try, According To Your Zodiac

The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try, According To Your Zodiac

The Best Sex Positions You Need To Try, According To Your Zodiac

The best sex positions are better left to the imagination, but then again, so is astrology. Sex can be many things, but one thing it shouldn’t be is boring. So here are the best sex positions you need to try according to your zodiac sign.

1. Butt Lift – Aries

Aries are known for being determined, confident, and passionate. You know, being the God of War and all. The “Butt Lift” is one of the best sex positions that deviate from missionary, that leaves your partner in control of the thrusting. Simply place your ankles on your partner’s shoulders while they hold your butt or legs. This is a primal and intimate position that allows for deep penetration that feels absolutely amazing!

Trust me, I’ve tried it out a few times and it’s easy on the one doing the penetrating so you don’t orgasm too quickly. It also allows for some hardcore thrusting, perfect for those intense Aries.

2. Reverse Cowgirl – Taurus

I mean what did you expect? The Taurus is a bull, but we’re trying something different here. If you really want to ride that bull to your maximum potential, handicap yourself by doing it backward! It’s going to create great g-spot stimulation for her and help you last longer. Forget the mechanical bull, see how long you both last on this longhorn.

Yes, I totally winked after that sentence because this is one of the best sex positions out there!

3. Spork – Gemini

I used to date a Gemini. They’re crazy, but also very sexual creatures. That’s why the spork is one of the best sex positions for you wickedly creative Gemini’s. This position will maximize your pleasure. A more ambitious move to spooning, the spork will allow your partner to put her days at hot yoga to the test.

If she’s limber, lift her leg up on your shoulder, which increases penetration.

4. The Spider – Cancer

Spiders and crabs are similar, they both look cool and creepy, but I digress.  This position is another great alternative to missionary.

Sit back and pull her toward you while you both lift your knees. The stimulation will be deeper, more intense, and far more intimate. The best sex position for highly imaginative cancers.

5. Doggy-Style – Leo

Oh, the abrasive, loud, fiery Leo. I mean it’s self-explanatory, but I’ll explain anyway. Doggy-style is, perhaps, the most primal and the best of all sex positions. I mean, just watch the nature channel once a week and you’ll see what I mean. Not only does it make the man feel powerful, but if the woman knows what she’s doing, then she can feel pretty powerful too.

Deeper penetration that ups the chances of hitting the G-spot? Yes, please.

6. Missionary – Virgo

I’m not sure why missionary get’s a bad reputation, but if done right, it’ll have you feeling like a bed of clouds. Virgo’s can be a little shy, loyal, and practical.

It also gives you the chance to look at your partner in the eyes, which can peak your arousal. It may not be the most exciting, but it’s definitely one of the best sex positions out there.

7. Belly Flop – Libra

It should be known that I’m a libra and I chose not to be biased and pick the best sex position for us but went with a variation instead. We are the scales, so we prefer balance and equilibrium.

This position is more like an interlude, so put a pillow under her hips so the angle of her pelvis allows for a better chance of hitting the G-spot. It’s going to be a lot like doggy, but less primal and sensual.

8. Lazy Man – Scorpio

Where you expecting “the scorpion”? Well, that’s too bad because this is not a movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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Scorpios are resourceful and passionate and this position is designed to maintain intimacy. Simply lean back and pull her on top, let her feel in control.

9. Man Chair – Sagittarius

Rams tend to butt heads, but not in this position. Yes, that was a terrible pun. An easy transition from doggy, this position calls for the man to lean back like he’s sitting, and the woman to enter a squat position. She’s in the driver seat now.

10. L Train – Capricorn

Have your partner lay down on their side with the chest facing you. Lay on your back, place your legs over their hips forming an “L” and let your partner enter you.

Capricorns are disciplined and good managers, so this position will test your endurance.

11. The Yogi – Aquarius

Bruce Lee once said to be like water and that is you, my dear Aquarian. Whenever I think of yoga, I think of flowing like water.

This position requires your partner to sit up in bed, legs crossed, while you face them, sit on their lap with legs astride or around their waist. The rest, as they say, requires you to move like water.

12. The Flying Buttress – Pisces

There’s plenty of positions in the sea. This is a fun one that may be hard to do, like a fish, you must be nimble to get the maximum enjoyment out of this position. I just recently had sex with a Pisces and let me tell you, they are intense and passionate lovers. I can’t wait to try this one out with her.

Well, there you have it, the best sex positions according to your zodiac. Try something new next time you’re in mercury rising and feel the need to let your desires run wild. Comment below and share it with your fellow signs!

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