The Best Sex Positions According To Your Zodiac Sign

There is a great sex position for everyone, maybe your zodiac will help you reach a whole other level in the bedroom.

There are a lot of different activities that can lead to soul-shaking, toe-curling sex. While a lot of what we like is learned through trial and error, we can learn quite a bit about what we like by examining our horoscope signs. We’ve taken a look at the stars to figure out exactly what you are craving with your partner.


Cowgirl. If you are a woman Aries than you are the type that loves taking control. A huge turn on for the ram is taking the reins and putting on a bit of a show. You’ll also enjoy love seeing how excited your partner will get when you are put in complete control.

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Shower sex. While shower sex can be difficult you are the type that loves every inch of your body to be pampered. By adding water into the mix can make you will tingle from head to toe. Of course, a key requirement for shower sex is lube, even though shower sex is wet for some reason everything doesn’t seem to get wet like it is supposed to.

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A Gemini is someone who is in touch with many personalities that make them up. There for role-playing is the best option for all the delicious and seductive fantasies you’ve always wanted to explore. You don’t have to become an international spy in one might though. If this is something new to you then start off with some texts or by calling your partner Sir or Miss. Just break out whatever calls to you. Add costumes, makeup, and even an accent, and see where it leads you.


Cancers are the sensitive type and love eye contact when being intimate. The best position for your personal fireworks is the Coital Alignment Technique or CAT. The lady wraps her legs around her partner as the man straddles her. The tight lock around her man gives a lift to her pelvis perfectly positioning the man to stimulate her G-spot. We don’t need to remind you to look into each other’s eyes—one of the best parts.


Doggy style. When you’re in bed you need to let out your animalistic and primal side. With this position, you lose self-control which is ideal for you. Of course, you can enjoy in some post sex spooning if you need a bit of intimacy. What you crave most is just carnal release so just let that beast out.

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Virgo tends to get an unfair rep of being prissy. We understand though that you’re anything but. Nevertheless, you still believe sex is a beautiful and special activities. When having sex you love taking your time before diving into action. Begin with a lot of oral. If you want to add a bit of spice to the mix try a flavored lube or have your partner lick honey off your stomach. Whatever gets your motor going.


For the air sign of Libra, you don’t think sex needs to be physically, you are more into a person’s brain. If you are in the mood start by sexting your steamiest fantasies to your partner. As far as positions, you love keeping things classic to start, and are all about warming up with a favorite tried-and-true position, then trying something new.


A Scorpio is intense and passionate by nature. It goes without saying that you love multiple orgasms. Your favorite positions are the ones can cause several climaxes. Before getting into it though have your partner worship every inch of you. The anticipation of what is about to happen will make even bigger fireworks when it comes time.

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You are the ultimate explorer. You love uncharted territory. This includes having sex in your vehicle (just do it in the garage if you’re scared of getting caught). Don’t stop there though try having sex in as many new places that you can think of to satisfy your carnal cravings.


You are practical, efficient, and caring. Your sign is very intrigued by the prospect of simultaneous orgasm. The best way to try to make it happen? The 69 positions. You are your partner will be able to enjoy getting each other off before moving onto the main event. Try a penetration position that offers plenty of eye contact. It’s can be a girl on top or missionary just communicate exactly what you desire.


Aquarians are always up for anything and are ready for a challenge. Try something from the Kama Sutra that may require some flexibility and balance to find your best sex positions. The wheelbarrow, for example, would be perfect for you. While you might not be able to handle some of the aerobics involved, you’ll be able to get a lot of laughs, which will bring you both closer.


Pisces can’t get enough sensation. Adding a vibrator to the action can feel incredibly good. Have your partner use their hands to stimulate you while you have intercourse. Getting as much stimulation from as many sources as possible can truly make your body sing.

We all like to expand ourselves in the bedroom from time to time. Next time you want to get out of your comfort zone with your partner try some of our suggestions.

Who knows, maybe you’ll come across your best sex position that is not even on our list. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try.

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