The Best Road Trip Down The East Coast Itinerary

The Best Road Trip Down The East Coast Itinerary

In my life I have been fortunate enough to drive the length of the East Coast of North America, twice. Once up and once down. On both journeys I stopped in different places each time. I really enjoyed all of the spots I visited. The best road trip down the East coast itinerary is based on my personal experiences. Maybe I have missed off a few essentials that I didn’t make it to. Let me know what these are so hopefully I can visit them in the future! So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and maybe some ideas from my trips will inspire you! In no particular order, check out this best road trip down the East coast itinerary state by state.

The Best Road Trip Down The East Coast Itinerary



Burlington is a fun and cool city in one of the US’s most northern states. There’s usually a lot of great music on there. There is also a load of awesome coffee shops. Big up Muddy Waters, my favourite, the interior is beautiful. A perfect spot for grabbing a coffee and doing some studying. Hopefully you won’t be studying on a road trip though.


Middlebury is a small college town, big up Middlebury College. Again, the views are insane and they have these ice-cream / maple syrup combos called “creamies” that are amazing. Plus, you are super close to the official Ben & Jerry’s factory. A tourist attraction you have to visit.

The Best Road Trip Down The East Coast Itinerary



Eat. The. Seafood. #fresh

New Hampshire


This little town was again so beautiful, is anywhere in the North East not?

New York

New York City

NYC baby! Or “the city.” You cannot miss one of the most notorious cities in the US! Where do I even begin with this one… I don’t think I even can… you just have to go see it for yourself.

New Jersey

Princeton University

Princeton is a beautiful and very regal university in the US. The town is also a pretty nice stop-over.



I friggin love Boston. Another HAVE to visit. Try and catch an improv show whilst you’re there. So good! And go check out the Italian bakeries, cannoli to die for. Again, there is so much to do here. A great addition to an East coast itinerary.

Cape Cod

Big up! So dear to my heart. This is a stunning coastal stop for your itinerary.

The Best Road Trip Down The East Coast Itinerary


Get spooky. Go and learn about the Salem witch trials and more. A super sick place around Halloween.



Philly! Philly has so much history. If you want to get your nerd on, there are some amazing historical sites you have to see here. Including errrr the Declaration of Independence! The best road trip down the East coast includes some learning about history of course.

Washington DC

It’s funny how few tourists actually ever visit the capital of the US. Now I’ve been for myself I’d have to say it is actually one of my favourites. Again, there is so much history and many monuments to visit alongside the governmental buildings. Say hi to Abe for me.

See Also

South Carolina


Charleston has a fun night life and some really gorgeous buildings. It also has some gorgeous sea views.


Virginia Beach

This was an unexpected delight on my road trip. One amazing part was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! It’s 23 miles long!! #BridgesMakesBetterDays

West Virginia

Virginia Tech University

This was a brief stop, but the drive was beautiful.


Fort Lauderdale

The beaches are amazing, look out for the pelicans! Depending on what time you go, you might see manatees in the inter coastal too! So much wildlife to behold here. A relaxing spot not far from Miami.


Miami is a really fun city. There is a lot to see, like the cool art deco buildings. There is also a lot to eat, and of course drink. A really fun place to party.

The Best Road Trip Down The East Coast Itinerary

The best road trip down the East coast itinerary can be perfectly moulded to your tastes and desires. Most of these places I loved because of their uniqueness. A place doesn’t have to have something specific to make you want to visit. I was really happily surprised by the places I knew the absolute least about. Embrace everywhere as a new adventure and a place to make memories. I hope for you your road trip will be one of the best and most fun memories you possess like it is for me.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired your own best road trip down the East coast itinerary.

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