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The Best Rides in Universal Studios

The Best Rides in Universal Studios

  1. The Mummy

  • One of the oldest rides currently active in the park, The Mummy is located in Universal Studios and has been open since 2004. This ride is currently under remodeling o it’s been close for the last year, but the staff and team promises a better experience than before. This ride offers a great indoor experience that includes backwards motion, fast drops, and sharp turns. This ride has been a fan favorite since the day it opened. A lot of fans of the parks were worried when the ride closed down, but we can expect the updated version of The Mummy to be ready to go by the end of summer this year.



  1. The Incredible Hulk Roller-coaster

  • A staple in Universal’s arsenal of coasters, The Hulk has remained one of the most popular roller coasters in all of America. After the remodeling done a few years ago, the ride has seen faster speeds and more intense drops. This ride truly takes you on an experience that will make you feel as if you’re the Hulk himself. The only downside to this ride is the rattling your head does due to the intensity of the ride. If you don’t mind a few head bumps here and there this is a must do ride that is located in Islands of Adventure. The ride also has a very unique and entertaining inside area that will keep you entertained while you wait. Brace yourself because this ride may be a little more intense than you think.




  1. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

  • Another staple located in Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the Spider-Man ride is as entertaining and fun as you’d imagine it to be. The ride takes you through New York City alongside everyone’s favorite wall crawler. This time however, Spider-Man has to protect you and the other riders from some of his deadliest villains. There are great little easter eggs also spread out through the ride for fans of the comics to find and enjoy. This ride has kept itself running since 1999 and remains one of the busiest rides in the park. Spider-Man being one of the three most popular comic book characters of all time, it’s no wonder so many people love this ride.



  1. Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket

  • This ride has the highest drop in all of Universal Studios. Standing tall at 167 feet, this ride offers a lot of excitement as it zooms you down into a full loop. This is one of the more adrenaline pumping rides in the park. One great and unique thing that this ride has are the songs that you can listen to while you ride. You get to select from a classic array of songs that will take you through the entirety of the ride. This is also one of the only rides that I would recommend riding at night. The coaster gets engulfed in a bunch of different colors that just make the ride feel so much cooler while you’re on it. It’s the only outside coaster in the Universal Studios side of the park and it makes itself very hard to beat. 


  1. Jurassic World VelociCoaster

  • The newest ride in Universal Studios, the VelociCoaster is the fastest ride to date at the park. Taking you as high up as 140 feet at a speed of 70mph, this coaster will make you feel dazed as you feel speeds and turns you’ve never experienced on a ride before. This is not a ride to get on if it’s your first time on a roller coaster. This ride is not for the faint of heart as it is very intense. It’s a new ride so it moves very smoothly, but the turns and drops are very intense, and you will feel it.



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  1. E.T. Adventure

  • One of the few rides that has been open since the park opened in 1990. This ride is so relaxing and a great ride to do to just catch your breathe. Sometimes the parks can be very draining and it’s Florida so the heat can be horrible sometimes. This ride offers very cool air conditioning and a cute and enjoyable ride to relax on. It’s a great ride to take kids on or even for those who don’t like roller coasters in general. There is no intensity or any sudden drops in this ride. Just sit back and enjoy the ride to get E.T. back home to save his planet from destruction.



  1. Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

  • One of the best rides to go on in the summertime, Ripsaw Falls offers a great cool down with a very exciting drop. The ride is very entertaining and has the charm of an early 90’s cartoon. It’s also very refreshing to get hit with that cold water when it’s very hot outside. The logs go in threes so people in groups of three would be perfect for this ride. Once you go through the little adventure and slowly get higher, you finally make it to the big drop that gets you soaked. The drop is also clearly seen from a viewing bridge where the rest of your party can catch some funny pictures of you and your friends coming down the drop.

Ripsaw Falls


  1. Jurassic Park River Adventure

  • Another ride located in the Jurassic Park area; this water ride will get you refreshed while also keeping you in the world of Jurassic Park. This ride is very cool to go through. There is a lot of cool dinosaur animatronics that look very good for the time they were made in. The ride suddenly goes off course and it’s now a fight for survival. You make your way through the raptors all the way to the ginormous T-rex waiting for you just before the drop. It can be a little scary for little kids getting so close to a giant T-Rex in the dark, but the drop will snap any fear right out of them. It’s a fun ride to go on anytime of the year for any fans of Jurassic Park.
River Adventure