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The Best Restaurants You HAVE To Try While Visiting Atlanta

The Best Restaurants You HAVE To Try While Visiting Atlanta

Atlanta is known for having a diverse community and that encourages so many different types of restaurants around! While visiting Atlanta you definitely need to not only entertain your mind but also your taste buds! Here are 11 restaurants you do not want to miss while getting the southern experience!

1. Milk & Honey

If you are looking for some delicious southern cooked breakfast or you just need a place to eat brunch, well Milk & Honey is the right place for you! Milk & Honey is known for its chicken and waffles, and by known I mean me saying its the bomb-dot-com! They give you an option to have a whole rotisserie chicken, half or chicken strips! Don’t you think that is an amazing option?

The menu also consists of a Lobster Gumbo & Grits, Deep Fried Pork Chop Biscuit, and a Seafood Burger! If this all sounds delicious then you definitely have to check out the website to see pictures, the menu and so much more!  


This restaurant is one of the only places in Atlanta where you can get brunch seven days out of the week. So for all you brunchers, put this on your list to visit because your tastebuds will not be disappointed. 

2. Six Feet Under Fish House and Pub

Only in Atlanta is where you are going to find this delectable Gem. Six Feet Under has only two locations: West Midtown and Grant Park. The first location was built in Grant Park across the street from the famous Oakland Cemetery, hence the name Six Feet Under.

They have an amazing variety of seafood dishes and delicious drinks named after a few great people who are buried at the cemetery. Most famous for their Crab Legs, Shrimp & Grits, and during the fall time, New England Chowder. The best part about Six Feet is that all of their food is made in house. So you will definitely enjoy that deep southern, fried, home-cooked meal.


Both locations have rooftop bars that you can watch the sunset on. The Midtown location has a beautiful view of downtown Atlanta and Grant Park has an awesome view of the cemetery and the Park area. 

3. The Varsity Atlanta

If and when you visit Atlanta you need to visit this fast-food restaurant in the heart of downtown! The Varsity is an Atlanta staple that has been up and running since the 1920s. This restaurant has two floors of cafeteria seating and sits on two blocks of land! Can you just imagine!


Nostalgia is what makes eating at the restaurant totally worth it. From the old 1950’s interior to the rude and loud quick service! When ordering they will yell the iconic “What’ll You Have” and if you don’t have your order ready they will make you get in back of the line! 

This restaurant is known for their delicious fried peach pies, world-famous chili dogs, and the classic Frosted Orange Shake.

Whether you are grabbing a hot dog before the falcons play or just getting a burger and onion rings to go, you can never go wrong by stopping by Varsity. This company has seven locations throughout Atlanta. So wherever in ATL you go, there will be a Varsity.  


4. The Vortex

Little Five Points is home to many eccentric shops and restaurants and one being The Vortex. Now this place may seem creepy on the outside but this restaurant is one not to miss. Unfortunately, because it is a bar, you do have to be 21 years old to get in but when you are old enough you need to be here.

The Vortex has two locations: Midtown and Little Five points. They first opened in 1992 as a bar for the night owls of the city, but then realized there weren’t enough great burger places around; Now introducing The Vortex Burger winning “Best Burger” since then. 


Check out The Vortex on their website for their History of how they became the most controversial bar.

5. Mojitos 

If you like the alcoholic beverage Mojito, you better think again! Mojitos is an authentic Cuban-American Bistro that is known for having amazing parties for The Atlanta United game days. This restaurant has two amazing locations: Peachtree Corners and Norcross.


Mojitos is known for having quick service, intimate atmosphere, and delicious food. Many mouth-watering dishes include their most famous Ox Tail, Red Snapper and of course the Cuban Sandwich. At night they move all the chairs and tables and turn the space into a dance floor where they have live music and great vibes.

This restaurant is definitely a must when you are in town, whether you are with your significant other or your kids!


6. O-Ku

If you are looking to enjoy a date night with sake and sushi, O-Ku is definitely where you need to be at. O-Ku is known for its beautiful rooftop bar overlooking the city. This amazing atmosphere will make you wanting more.

This restaurant is known for their amazing Happy Hour deals which include half-off sushi on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7. If you don’t know what to order, just ask your server because they have most likely have tried it all. 


7. Antico Pizza

This original restaurant is an Atlanta classic because of the Authenticity it gives off. These wood-fired pizzas are what brings family and friends together for game days or even board game nights. The slices are NY style with an obvious Italiana feel!

This restaurant is known for its original location in downtown Atlanta near Georgia Tech where the seating is set up communion style so you are encouraged to talk with one another. At nights the building is open until they run out of dough, so you better come with an empty stomach. Plus the building doesn’t have an ounce of liquor so they allow you to BYOB and not a lot of places allow that! 

You definitely need to order a couple of pies for your next tailgating event or when you are stopping through town or you are going to have true FOMO! (The Fear Of Missing Out)


8. Buttermilk Kitchen 

If you are in Atlanta and you want grandmas cooking, then you better not pass up this restaurant! Buttermilk Kitchen is a breakfast and lunch spot that is known throughout Atlanta as one of the best Brunch places you need to go to.

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This restaurant uses local ingredients and most everything is made in-house from scratch, especially the fresh-squeezed OJ! Their mission is to let nothing go to waste. This Atlanta staple is known for their biscuits and most importantly their buttermilk pancakes!

The best part about Buttermilk Kitchen is that the kitchen is 100% peanut free! When you take your first bite of your meal, you would think you are in your grandma’s kitchen wanting you to come back for more! 


9. ATL Breakfast Club

Rated the best breakfast in Mid-Town, Atlanta, The Breakfast Club is a must-have on Saturday Mornings! The vibe of the restaurant is to die for. They play amazing R&B/Soul hits over the speakers to give that Saturday morning an at-home feel.

This Black-Owned business is known for having huge sandwiches and their love for peaches! When in Atlanta you HAVE to try the peaches. This Hidden gem is most certainly the breakfast spot you need to eat at first! The moment you step in, you will be hooked and want to come back every time! 

10. The Original JR Crickets

Lemon. Pepper. Wings! That’s it! That is all you need to know about this restaurant! If you don’t what what lemon pepper wings are, you are most definitely not from the south! This original location has a bar inside so you and your buds can enjoy the game and wings at the same time! 


This restaurant is what makes Atlanta, Atlanta! Its even been featured on the FX tv show ‘Atlanta’! Everything is made fried to order 

JR Crickets is known around the country and has numerous locations around Georgia! This wing spot is one not to pass especially when craving lemon pepper!


11. Slutty Vegan

Lastly, we have THE best vegan restaurant in Atlanta and that is Slutty Vegan! What makes this so great you ask? Its the ambiance and the burgers! Customers literally line up outside for hours to get a burger so make sure you are there early! Their hours are from 4pm-midnight every day.

Their most famous burger is the ‘Fussy Hussy’, which is an Impossible Burger patty loaded with pickles, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and their slutty sauce on a vegan Hawaiian bun. This Atlanta bred restaurant is 100% plant-based and pride themselves on being the best burger spot in the whole state of Georgia. 

So when passing through Atlanta you NEED to check out this spot and make sure you come hungry and remember, every burger comes with a side of slutty fries!


What is a Slutty Vegan? “A Slutty Vegan is someone who takes time away from their busy lives to indulge in the pleasures that life brings.”

Gosh there are so many great restaurants in Atlanta! Which are your favorite restaurants? Did we miss any amazing Atlanta classics people need to try? List them below and tell us your favorite dish! 

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