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The Best Resistance Band Workouts You Haven’t Tried Yet

The Best Resistance Band Workouts You Haven’t Tried Yet

I’m an avid runner, not because I enjoy running per say, but because I live to eat, and am too cheap for a gym membership. Besides not having a gym membership for fear of over drafting on my checking account, I chose to run because frankly it’s the only exercise I know how to do. If you have legs you can run. But the thing about running is you eventually hit a runner’s plateau, and instead of looking like a toothpick in a toupee I want that Kim K booty. So I decided to do some digging, and find out what exercises are out there for someone like me, who has historically shied away from any kind of interval training. Turns out there are a ton of exercises out there, that are easy and most importantly effective. I found my favorite exercises all involved a resistance band, so I decided to share 10 of my best resistance band workouts with you. Your welcome.

1. Wide Arm Pulses

One of my favorite resistance band workouts is wide arm pulses. First take your resistance band, and put it around your hands. Make sure you have your palms facing inward. Next put your hands above your head, when your hands are above your head begin to pulse out, but with a wide pulse. When I say pulse out I mean you literally move your arms apart then back together in short bursts. Do as many reps as you like, I recommend at least 30, with the band above your head. When you are done, put your hands by your lower body, and repeat. Don’t forget to keep pushing your arms out then down, and out again.


2. Triceps Pulls

Triceps pulls is one of the easiest resistance band workouts out there. Put your resistance band around your hands, after that put one hand on your chest then just pull down on the resistance band with your free hand. This will help build your triceps muscles, and is just a really good workout you can do for your arms with a resistance band. Make sure you are contracting your triceps when you are pulling down, and holding for a second as you are coming down. Don’t forget about mind muscle connection, you want to make sure you are really engaging that arm muscle while you do your reps.

3. Bicep Curl

First get down on one knee, next put the resistance band around the knee you are not kneeling on, the band should be placed at the very top of your knee. Then use your resistance band to curl your bicep. Make sure to keep your elbow right by your stomach to help balance your arm, and engage your bicep. Do a round of reps on your right knee, then switch knees, and repeat. When you are doing the bicep curl, make sure you are always curling up.

4. Plank Side Steps

This next exercise is good if you are hoping to define your abs. First put your resistance band just above your ankles by your feet, then go into a high plank position to do your plank side steps. You are then going to move your feet out, first to the left then to the right. This is going to help engage your oblique muscles, and the sides of your butt, you should be feeling it on both sides of your body. Just remember when you are in plank position to suck your navel toward your spine, and to contact your ab muscles.


5. The Bicycle Pulse

Lay down on your back, and go into a bicycle position. Next you are going to put the resistance band on the top of one of your feet, and basically bring your foot toward your elbow as you are twisting in the bicycle action. Do this on one side of your body then switch over to the other side. You should feel this exercise in your core because the bicycle pulse should be working out your whole core.

6. Open Leg Crunch

First put your resistance band around your ankles, after that lay down on your back. Next you are going to put your feet straight up in the air. You will then start to do crunches, but when you crunch up you are going to open your legs. Make sure when you are going up you are exhaling in the crunch position


7. Side Back Leg Kick

For the side back leg kick, stand up, and wrap your resistance band around your knees. Not directly on your knees, but a little above your knees. Never put your resistance band directly on your knees. When you have done that, simply kick one leg to the side then back, then repeat with the opposite leg. When you are doing your set of reps, count the kick to the side then back as one rep. Don’t forget to engage your sides, and the top of your lovely butt. Again suck your navel in toward your spine, and don’t forget about contracting your glute muscles.

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8. In And Out Squats

Put your resistance band over your knees, a quick reminder because this is very important, never put the band directly on your knees. Once you have done that, drop into a squat, when you are in the squat position begin to side step in and out. Your side step should be like quick feet squats just with a resistance band. When you are doing this exercise make sure to go as low as you possibly can so you can engage your glutes and legs

9. Leg Press

Leg press is another great exercise to add to your resistance band workouts. Go onto the floor, and place your resistance band on one of your legs under your foot. Next you are going to do a leg press. Push your foot down by your other foot, then bring it back, and repeat. After you do a round of reps on your one foot, do a round of reps on the opposite foot.


10. Front Squat

Finally I love to incorporate a front squat into my resistance band workouts. A front squat with a resistance band is a great lower body exercise. First position your feet just a little bit wider than your shoulder width. After that stand on the band with your feet. Next grab the top of the band and place it over each shoulder. Once you are in the proper position begin to do squats. Don’t forget to sit straight down as low as you can go, and keep your abs firm.

There you have it, 10 resistance band workouts so easy even a caveman can do it. Don’t sue me Geico. Anyway the best thing about all these exercises is you can do them anywhere, as long as you have a resistance band, so do try this at home kids.