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The Best Reality Shows To Binge Watch

When Covid hit us all of our worlds were flipped upside down when we were all forced into lockdown with nothing to do. But one good thing did arise from this… bingeable reality shows! 

We were all stuck in our houses, dorms, apartments, and after weeks we literally had nothing to do. Heck, some of us even went grocery shopping for fun. But luckily for us we’re in the day and age of technology so we turned to our trusty Netflix and Hulu subscriptions to entertain us. 

Binging shows has always been around, it’s been two years since the pandemic when we’re bored we still find it a habit to look for a the best reality shows to binge. Even though you might think you watched them all, think again. Here are some of the best reality shows to binge watch!

Vanderpump Rules

This first show is something my sister actually introduced me to about two years ago. And once I started it, I have yet to stop watching, which is the first sign of a bingeable show! I’m in my twenties  so when I first heard it was about an older lady that own a restaurant I wasn’t too turned on by it, but when I realized it was more focused on the young twenty year old workers and their drama I was all for it.

 Vanderpump Rules is an American reality television series that first aired on Bravo in 2013. If you’ve ever seen The Real Housewives you might recognize the name, and you would be correct to assume that Lisa Vanderpump. But like stated earlier the real drama and the show is definitely based on the young waitresses and bartenders.

Since the show is based in L.A most all of the cast are wanna be actors and singers. The show follows this along with their their love lives, questionable choices, and of course their friend group drama. This is on of the reality shows you definitely need to binge with your girls! 

Love is Blind

If you have a Netflix subscription, this show has one hundred percent showed up on your screen. It’s actually in the Top ten in the U.S section right now! Love Is Blind is an American reality show that first  aired on Netflix 2020. Now this show is a little different than what you may be used to. Think of a love competition that is also an experiment but you can end up married…yeah let me explain a little more. 

The producers of this show wanted to see if love truly is blind. Many people use the phrase ‘blinded by love’ but is that a myth? Is the world too superficial for true love? The show follows thirty men and thirty women that are ready to be married, but it’s not that simple. The first phase of the experiment is when the singles take turns going into small rooms known as ‘pods’ where they can talk but not see each other. 

Diving Deeper Into Love Is Blind

Whenever they decide within the 10 days, the men propose to the woman of their choice and after saying yes the couple can finally see each other face to face. After this the couples are sent to a resort to learn more about each other and if physical attraction really matters to them. Following the retreat the couples move into an apartment together to see if their relationship can sustain ‘the real world’. During this phase the couples meet each others families and see how the other truly live.

Finally, on the day of the wedding the couples get ready and continue with a wedding ceremony where they stand fact to face at the alter and give their final decision if they truly want to marry the other or split up. This show is a little out there, but once you start it, it’s impossible to not finish. Hey, there’s a reason that during the week of the finale the show was number one trending on Netflix.

The Amazing Race

If you love to travel but don’t have the time or money, not to worry you can always live through this reality show and see the world in a more than usual way. The Amazing Race is an American adventure reality game show that was first aired in 2001 on CBS. This a one of the only reality shows you will actually learn from, as you follow teams around the world and learn about the culture with them!

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The series follows about eleven or twelve teams of two that race around the world to win one million dollars. At each destination the teams must complete a series of challenges that dive deep into the culture of the country they’re in. Some of these challenges may be physical where others are more mental. And only when the each task is completed will they earn their next clue to their next one. 

All of the teams are rushing to finish these tasks in order to not end up in last place in each destination. Because if you’re last, your team in eliminated. As the contest progresses the more and more teams get eliminated and the lucky team who wins doesn’t only will the million dollar prize, but leaves with the experience of a lifetime! 

The Bachelor

Okay this next series is one that a lot of people hate on and when I say people I mean boys. This is definitely a show you’d want to binge with your girlfriends. The Bachelor is an American Television Series that first aired in 2002 on ABC. Yes, you heard me right two thousand and two… twenty years ago. 

The series revolves around one eligible bachelor, hence the name, and is introduced to about 30 different women looking for a husband. He continues to grow his relationships with each of these women and week by week they attend what is known as a rose ceremony. During the ceremony the bachelor gives out a limited amount of roses to the women he wishes to continue getting to know. Whomever doesn’t receive a rose is eliminated.

Diving Deeper Into The Bachelor

As the weeks go by the group starts to travel and find love in all the nooks and crannies of the world. The show includes group dates, one on one dates, and even a two on one date…awkward. Nearing the end of the show he is left with two women and proposes to the girl of his choice and leaves engaged. I know the concept of dating thirty women at one time sounds a little insane, but it makes for great television!

Try these reality shows out and comment below your favorite!

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