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The Best Reading Spots In Toronto To Sit Back With A Book

The Best Reading Spots In Toronto To Sit Back With A Book

Is there anything better than taking a day off to go on a date with your book? If you are needing to get out of the house for an afternoon for a reading adventure, here are some of the best date spots to take your special book:

The Best Reading Spots In Toronto To Sit Back With A Book

By the Lake

Head down to Queens Quay and find a spot that best fits your book mood. Whether you need a concrete slab, a wooden deck, or a metal bench, our trusty city has you covered. Smell the fresh Lake Ontario air and look deep into the grey waters of our chemical soup (nicknamed by one of my favourite teachers). Most importantly, enjoy the incredible clouds and stay for the show of flowing colours that our city is blessed with at sunset. Your book is sure to be impressed especially if they aren’t from around here.

A Library

For freezing cold winter days, you will need some reading spots in Toronto that are indoors and heated. Toronto Public Library has 100 branches and each one of them has their own distinct vibe. Why not make this your bucket list this for Winter? In between reading, remember to do some bookworm stretches and people-watching. You’re bound to learn something new about each neighbourhood.

Bonus activity: you and your date can test out the comfort levels of the chairs at each branch, rate them, and make a chart to keep your friends informed.

The Best Reading Spots In Toronto To Sit Back With A Book

Cafes and Juice Bars

Although this is not particularly unique, we must mention the cafes and juice bars as potential reading spots in Toronto because they just have a buzz you can’t replicate. For the content when caffeinated, check out some independent coffee shops in your area. Maybe you will discover your next favourite nut milk and espresso combination. For those who prefer some blended fruits and veggies in a cup, park your bookworm-butt at a juice bar whether it be in a grocery store or a standalone shop. You might find the atmosphere of yoga pants to be the perfect balance of chilled-out and energetic for your reading adventures!

Park Bench

Sun protection is no joke so remember to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat when you head out for a romantic picnic with your book. If there is no snow on the ground, parks are fair game. Take your pick from the parks available to us in Toronto then choose one of the many trees to sit under. The city has categorized our parks so that you can search specifically for categories like picnic sites and dog off-leash areas. You and your date can make friends with some squirrels and geese. It’s bound to be a rejuvenating day!

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The Best Reading Spots In Toronto To Sit Back With A Book

The Beaches

How lucky we Torontonians are to have some sandy bits in our city? A quick TTC ride to The Beaches and you can pretend to be on a (most likely) slightly chilly tropical holiday. Depending on the mood of your book, the sand and waves may be the perfect vibe for your date.

Of course we must not forget the charm of cobble beaches and their potential as great reading spots in Toronto. You and your book can sit on a big rock and tune into the sound of the waves. Take advantage of the opportunity to show off your stone-skipping skills; I hear that books love that.

Whether you are reading for work or for play, these spots will welcome you and your book with open arms. Just remember to do some stretches when you’ve been frozen in one spot for too long (regardless of how many mountains, rivers, and forests you’ve made it through between the pages of your book). Happy book date!

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