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The Best Ramen Noodle Recipes For Any Struggling College Student

The Best Ramen Noodle Recipes For Any Struggling College Student

Ramen Noodles are known for their low cost and high sodium content. The sodium doesn’t really bother broke college students who are hungry and broke. College students already consume too much salt to begin with, so why not just increase it some more with Ramen Noodles?! Unfortunately, the plain taste of Ramen Noodles gets a little boring. Fortunately though, there are many ways you can spice up your Ramen Noodles so you don’t need to get bored of the only food you have been surviving on this semester. There are easy, and still low-cost, ways to eat your ramen, and here’s just a handful of them: 

Add hot sauce.

No matter what flavor of Ramen you have, adding hot sauce can do wonders. If you have any flavor besides chicken, you may be a little psycho, but nonetheless, hot sauce is a great addition. If you aren’t too into spicy foods, just add a little bit of mild hot sauce. It adds an amazing contrasting flavor. On the other hand, if you absolutely adore spicy foods, go to town! Pour half the bottle in there. It’ll taste absolutely amazing. Depending on how weak or strong you are, there might be tears running down your face the whole time, but it’ll taste oh-so-good, trust me. It makes Ramen Noodles a little less boring. 

The Best Ramen Noodle Recipes For Any Struggling College Student


Add other seasonings besides the packet it comes with.

The lovely seasoning that Ramen Noodles comes with is great on it’s own. They wouldn’t be who they are without it. However, it will get a little boring after awhile. When that time comes, add your own seasoning! Nobody is making you use that whole packet of seasoning. Instead of using the whole thing, just pour a little in. Then, add some salt, pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, whatever the heck you want! You’ll feel like Ratatouille! Make sure you taste it as you season! You never want to over season anything.

The one and only Kylie Jenner Ramen Noodle recipe.

Kylie Jenner has done some…questionable things. However, she can make some mean Ramen Noodles. We all saw that one Snapchat of her Ramen Noodles. As we all clicked through we were all thinking, “Huh? Eggs?” But, she was seriously onto something. I don’t have much prior life experience because I’ve been in this world for under 3 decades, so I’m sure this recipe has been around for a long time. Since I am a millenial though, I’m going to refer to it as the Kylie Jenner Ramen Noodle recipe. The young billionaire added the normal season to her cooked Ramen, as well as butter and garlic powder. You can check a video out here of someone who bravely recorded themselves following the recipe with cheesy background music. 

Skip the seasoning packet.

I know, skipping the seasoning packet would completely ruin the Ramen Noodles. Nevertheless, you don’t always need it. Instead of making normal Ramen Noodles, make yourself some buttered noodles! Just do your normal noodle cooking process, but completely ghost the seasoning packet like it’s a boy you were talking to when you were 17 because you felt bad but let go too long because you’re too nice. Slather some butter on those noodles and enjoy! If you want to risk high cholesterol some more, lightly season with salt and pepper. You can even heavy season if you want, I don’t judge. Buttered noodles are a great comfort food and alternative Ramen Noodle recipe.  


Skip the cooking altogether.

The perfect Ramen Noodle recipe for any lazy person is simply this: crush the noodles in the packaging, open it, pour the seasoning in, shake it, and enjoy. It sounds totally lame, but it’s good. It’s even a perfect snack to make in a pinch. You’re saving a lot of your time and energy, something college students have a very minimal amount of all day every day. If you think about it, they’re like a fancy kind of chip if you really use your imagination, but don’t use it too much you need some of that brain power for your accounting exam in the morning. Plus you don’t have to deal with all the pots and you’re saving water, woohoo!

The Best Ramen Noodle Recipes For Any Struggling College Student

Skip the cooking again, but with Sriracha this time.

This might sound even more lame, but Sriracha is seriously a game changer. For all my Sriracha lovers out there, you know that it is good on literally everything. To add to that theory, it is also good with dried Ramen Noodles. Break off a piece and put a dab of Sriracha on it and munch away!

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Don’t add the seasoning to the water.

The most typical thing to do when making Ramen Noodles is adding the seasoning packet into the water. What that does exactly is season the water into a type of broth, not the actual noodles. So instead of doing that, drain the majority of the water, then add the seasoning! The actual noodles will be seasoned instead of the tap water you were using to boil them. It’s not so much a soup then, it’s just a noodle dish! You’ll get tons of more flavor doing it this way. 

Add Veggies.

College students need all the vitamins they can get, so adding vegetables to Ramen noodles is a great way to get your daily intake. You can either add frozen veggies to the boiling ramen, or you can just cut some up yourself! Carrots, onions, and celery are great vegetables with lots of taste and nutrients. They make a great healthy addition to the already incredibly unhealthy dish. At a mathematics stand point, the two things cancel each other out so it’s basically like you’re eating nothing! How perfect! 

The Best Ramen Noodle Recipes For Any Struggling College Student

College students certainly love the traditional taste of Ramen Noodles. Although, they seriously can get a little boring and repetitive at times. Hopefully these few recipes will inspire you to change up your Ramen noodles, or maybe even get you to get a little creative yourself!

Do you know of anymore Ramen Noodle recipes that struggling college students could try out? Let us know, we’re all curious!

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