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The Best Poetry Open Mic Nights In Houston

The Best Poetry Open Mic Nights In Houston

Have you been looking for open mic nights in Houston? Here are our top picks for some poetry entertainment. Check out these cool spots!

Have you been searching for open mic nights in Houston? Or have you dreamed of delivering your poetry without fear, or desired to listen to other poets? Poetry open mics offer both spectrums. Come to these spots in Houston with an open mind, and blank – or filled – soul. Either way, you’re guaranteed to gain a new kind of experience by the end.

1. Avant Garden

Every Wednesday night, Write About Now poetry hosts a poetry slam event where any writer can share their spoken word and compete for cash prizes. This is a great choice for open mic nights in Houston. Admission is only five dollars, and often, major slam poets are featured on the mic. The atmosphere twinkles with glass lights that glow with the inspiration this venue evokes, and smells of homely booze that can be purchased at any time for enjoyment during the show. Be sure to come early, as this backyard bops with visitors.

2. Fix Coffeebar

All creators get a chance on the mic here every other Tuesday evening. Another great choice for open mic nights in Houston! This local coffee shop welcomes and fosters creativity between its narrow walls. With one earnest microphone standing in the front of the shop, writers are called in the order of the sign-up list to recite their poetry, in a most encouraging environment. Yes, sipping on coffee is very encouraged. It’s part of the nook-coffee-shop aesthetic.


3. Notsuoh

This unexpected hole in the wall brims with an intimate passion. Notsuoh is a bar that is crammed with people every Wednesday at 10 pm who unapologetically read on stage. The attending crowd is unassuming in size, but buzz with support for poetry with all of their love and rage. They’re loud, wild, and are the definition of words expanding boundaries.

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4. Cafe Brasil

Workshop with poets and slam with poets. If you’re training to compete in a spoken word competition, this place is for you. One monthly event is held for poets who aspire to do so with others that are as integrated and familiar with the art as they are. Even if you’re not a poet, don’t let the unknown of trying out writing poetry hold you back from attending. You know only your creative capabilities if you’re capable of trying.

5. Brazos Bookstore

Once a month, Public Poetry presents selected poets to render their work to an audience in a cozy environment. With chairs that are arranged facing a series of window panes, audience members can feel at ease and personal with the poets, who read from only a few feet away. These events are perfect for both appreciating and networking with professional poets, as some of whom are also accredited spoken word performers.

So those are our top picks for fun open mic nights in Houston. Have you been to an open mic night? Let us know in the comments below!

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