The Best Plants To Spice Up Your Dorm Room

There is scientific evidence proving that if you surround yourself with greenery and plant life, you become happier and less stressed. The presence of plants have a calming influence. What better way to have a happiness boost right in your dorm room? We all know that college can be stressful and overwhelming. This is just one small step you can take to relax and decompress. Trust us, everything’s better with a little bit of greenery.

1. Orchid

If you take care of an orchid correctly, an orchid will last for months on end. It doesn’t need direct sunlight, and most of them require 1 to 2 ice cubes a week. Some benefits of an orchid include improved focus, air quality, and they help to reduce seasonal ailments.

Additionally, they provide stress relief and act as a beautiful piece of decor. If you’re having trouble sleeping, orchids can actually help with insomnia. Orchids are a natural air purifier and come in a variety of colors so they will look good anywhere you put them.


2. Faux Plants

Now, with a faux plant, you aren’t getting all of the good oxygen that is released from a real plant. However, it still can help add to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Some of our favorite places to buy faux plants include Target, Home Goods, and Michaels.

3. Dry Plants

These plants take absolutely no effort, but they do make your space look beautiful. Frame them or throw them in a vase and put them on display for everyone to see. Everyone who walks into your dorm will be so jealous of your whimsical and bohemian chic decor you have going on. Some of our favorite options are sold at Target and Urban Outfitters.

Unlike many of the other plants on this list, because the plants aren’t alive anymore, you aren’t going to get all of those benefits you get when oxygen is released. Nonetheless, they are gorgeous to look at.


4. Air Plants

Air plants are the perfect plants to put in your dorm room. They photosynthesize at night, so when you’re sleeping more oxygen is released into the air. For those with sleeping problems, this is the perfect plant for you. When you’re struggling with the stressors of college, these are the perfect little helpers to give you that extra nudge to calm your mind as you drift off to sleep. They also help to lower your blood pressure and improve focus. So when you’re cramming away and studying for your finals, you can thank your air plants for all of the A’s that you get.

Last but not least, they help to purify the air. Everyone knows that the air system in the dorms, whatever college you go to, is not great. Sometimes you can even get sick from all of that dust. These air plants are small, but they work hard. Take preventative action and create a cute look at the same time.

5. Moss Balls

Moss balls are aesthetically pleasing and they have fabulous health benefits. These are also the easiest aquarium plant in the world, living up to 200 years. They are often kept as family heirlooms. You can pass them down for years to come, reminiscing about the time you started college and began the transition into adulthood. They’re basically like a living time capsule! Like many other plants on this list, these moss balls release oxygen into the air. They also do a great job of absorbing pollutants such as¬†phosphates, nitrates, and ammonia.


6. Succulents

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to take care of, especially for a college student who has a lot of stuff on their plate already. Like of the other plants on this list, succulents have other benefits as well as brightening up a room. First and foremost, they are natural air purifiers like orchids. They also help improve humidity in your home. They can improve your focus, increase pain tolerance, and enhance your energy.

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Most importantly, they add extra oxygen into the air. More oxygen means more brain activity, detoxes the blood, builds endurance, boosts concentration, and more. There is no reason to not have a succulent in your dorm room. Find a great selection at Trader Joe’s.


7. Aloe Plant

Not only is this plant beautiful to look at, but you can crack it open and relish in all of it’s other benefits! It calms and soothes the skin, clears acne, can even improve digestive health, and promote oral health Yes, you read that right. You can actually eat aloe! This wonder plant can do so many amazing things that we lost count! There’s nothing better than having a super cute and useful plant in your space.

8. Mini Cactus

Like succulents, cacti are very low-maintenance plants. Plus, they are pretty cute. This is an easy and minimal plant that will fit in any space you put it in. Now make sure not to touch it; it may prick you! It’s for the eyes, not for the hands,¬†so be sure to put it somewhere you’re not going to knock it over. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it easy to find a cactus that fits your personality and space perfectly.

9. Lavender

Not only is lavender beautiful, but it smells delicious. There are also awesome benefits to lavender. It can help with insomnia, reduce stress, depression, and restlessness. Use dried lavender and make it into an oil. Press it and frame it for a beautiful work of art. The possibilities are endless!


10. Eucalyptus

Not only does eucalyptus looks whimsical and smell amazing, but it also has fabulous healing properties. Wrap it with some twine and throw a bunch in your shower. It will help open up your sinuses, reduce pain, promote relaxation, soothe dry skin, and more. This is a versatile plant that you don’t want to pass up. Go to your nearest Trader Joe’s to pick up a bunch. They sell quality eucalyptus for a great price. It can’t be beat!