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The Best Plants To Make Your Dorm look Boho Chic

The Best Plants To Make Your Dorm look Boho Chic

We all want that room that makes people want to stay in forever. We can make that happen for you! The best way to make your room Boho Chic is to provide plants and succulents to bring in some fresh CO2! This list below will have your dorm looking fabulous and fun when you have your next dorm gathering!

1. Aloe Vera 

The plant everyone should have in their room is this beautiful succulent Aloe Vera. The Aloe plant has plenty of vitamin A, C, and E. It also contains seven of the eight essential amino acids. This plant is important to keep in your room because it is a quick first aid kit.

It is known to clear up dry irritated skin, sunburns, stretch marks… well pretty much anything! The Aloe Vera plant not only adds a beautiful addition to the room but if split down the middle, the mucus is a great conditioner for your hair as well! 


This spiky plant derives from some parts of Africa, Europe and even some parts of the United States. It thrives on lots of sun and only needs to be watered every three weeks; Or until the soil is dry! So since you cannot have a pup in your dorm room, you can at least have a plant-imal that gives you healing properties! 

2.Palm Trees 

Ahhh Palm Trees! This plant definitely gives off major chill vibes. This tree is a calming and relaxing plant and will make you feel like you are on a never-ending vacation! But wait…. which palm tree do you get because there are so many. Well, my friend, the best tree that grows indoors is the Kentia Palm tree!


These are sold best at Home Depot. All you need is to position this in your dorm room with medium light and watering when the soil dries out. With your boho-chic decorations and your palm tree, your room will start to look like you are deep in the Moroccan rainforest! 

3. Spider Plant

By looking at this plant you wouldn’t think its’ name would be derived from a spider but yet again, the leaves are very wire-y! This plant is by far the easiest to take care of due to its ability to adapt to any condition it is in. Just make sure to water it when the soil starts to get dry! 


The beauty about Spider Plants is that they begin to grown tiny flowers in the spring. The flowers eventually will turn into mini spiderettes in the healthy plant. If you have a green thumb, you can trim the flowers when they bloom and give them to your friends as gifts! 

This plant is amazing when hung to show its’ beautiful growth. 


4. Snake plant

The snake plant, in no relation to the spider, is a beautiful plant that makes your dorm look absolutely stunning! Decorating this into your boho room makes it easy because it gives it an edgy, fun yet classy look into the room! These plants come in all kinds of different colors and sizes depending on where you plan on placing it.

Keeping the plant on your desk keeps your dorm simple and also gives you something to admire while writing that 12-page paper no one likes. You can buy these plants almost anywhere. My favorite time to buy plants is in the fall time because they are on sale. But get them quick before the good ones are all gone! 


Pothos! The Best Plants by far! They give the room so much joy and tranquil. Pothos are also another great plant to keep in your dorm. These plants come in different shades of green with some having spots of white. These beautiful plants can tolerate low light conditions and need watering when the soil gets dry.


Pothos can be hung as well as sat on your dresser or desk. These plants are perfect for your boho-chic dorm because the vines give your room the stigma of being carefree and fun! 

6. Pilea

This Chinese money plant is such a unique character! these plants love indirect sunlight and are very easy to take care of! If you have access to a plant shop in a small town, you are most likely to find these money plants! Amazon is a great carrier of these plants as well! 

They are gaining traction in the plant world because of its beautiful shape of its leaves. This plant is perfect to sit on a table or be mounted on the ground as it grows to show off its amazing petals. 


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7. Monstera

If you are going for a full-on Bohemian look, this plant is perfect for you!  This swiss cheese of a plant grows very well in sunlight and humid areas. If you are fortunate enough to have a bathroom in your dorm, these plants would do well while you are showering then brought back in front of the window. 


The Monstera plant also loves something to grow against. Sticking a pole into the soil will help the plant stay standing either in a basket or a large pot. 

8. English Ivy

Normally you would see this plant outside in your bushes, wondering if it is poisonous or not! English ivy is not poisonous, in fact, is very beautiful and adds an amazing touch to your room. This houseplant is very easy to care for especially when you know the proper treatment!


The English Ivy loves to live on the dry side, so before watering it, make sure to check the soil. If you have a big window in your dorm room it is best to place this specific plant hanging in the window so it can get its’ nutrients! This Ivy makes a great component to your boho room because it releases energy into the room.

Try adding hooks and shelves to your on the wall next to the plant and allow the ivy strands to form along the wall. 

9. Jasmine

Lastly, This sweet-scented house plant is perfect for your room specifically for its beautiful aroma. Jasmine plants normally thrive outdoors so just keep in mind when potting to find a perfect sunny spot to put this gem! This long-lasting plant will need to be repotted in the springtime and pushed away in the wintertime to a dull spot in your room!


So when winter vacation comes, I would take the plant home with you just so you won’t come back to a wilted plant!


Do you have any plants in your dorm room? What is your favorite addition to your Boho Chic room? Comment below your favorite plant to keep indoors!

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