The Best Planners To Help You Organize Your Life

I am a planner if there ever was one and I love using my planner to help keep track of my chaotic schedule. Each week I never really know what my schedule is going to look like (i.e. there might be an hour difference one week from another in terms of where I am) and my brain can only remember so much! Below I’ve rallied five of the best planners that are helping me crush my goals, track my habits, and remember my schedule. 

1. Passion Planner

The Passion Planner comes in three different styles — dated, academic, and undated — giving you variety to meet your individual planning needs. For instance, while the dated planner is from January – December, the undated planner is perfect if you want to start your planning at any time.

Each planner, however, has the same Passion Planner Roadmap, a formula that will allow you to break down your goals and achieve them. Below is Suzie’s personal goal setting roadmap from Cinnamon Sunrise to give you an idea of how expansive your goals can be! 

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*The Best Planners To Help You Organize Your Life

2. Belvédère

This has been my planner of choice currently. What I love about this planner besides the fact that it has beautiful and simple weekly templates is that for each month there is a two page section that helps me track my goals and reminders for the month.

These pages feature my goals of the month, my sport and exercise tracking, housecleaning, appointments, important bills, expenses, don’t forget, people to call, and brilliant ideas. Within these two pages, I can see more of a birdseye view of certain aspects of my month that would otherwise be forgotten or pasted elsewhere within my planner and, thus, likely forgotten. Here I can have everything all in one place, and I can keep track of all I need to each month. 

Belvédère’s planners are beautiful inside and out, as well as extremely useful to help me plan my busy schedule and keep everything in one place. Below is one of the planners for 2020! 

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*The Best Planners To Help You Organize Your Life
3. Full Focus

This planner is definitely for the serious goal setter. The goal of this planner is to really maximize your high achievement lifestyle and check off all the priorities on your list without feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

This planner features an annual goals tracker to set – and achieve – your goals (pictured below), a monthly calendar to record your important dates, rolling quarters which allows you to plan events months in advance, an ideal weekly and daily template, as well as a rituals page to help you track and improve your routines. Be prepared to Get. Stuff. Done. with this planner!

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*The Best Planners To Help You Organize Your Life

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I love the very millennial look to these planners. They have beautiful illustrations on the cover and insides, as well as sticker pages that have some pretty fun stickers to add into your weekly planning. Ban. Do also offers the option to purchase extra sticker books to help decorate your planner and make it really unique according to your style.

The style of this planner is colourful and atmospheric, an energetic and Millenial vibe no doubt. It also offers inspirational phrases, which I appreciate as someone who always seeks out inspiration from the everyday. The new 2019-2020 planners also feature fun additions like a personality quiz and 3D page complete with glasses — how cool is that?!

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*The Best Planners To Help You Organize Your Life5. Best Self Co.

As its name suggests, this planner is to help you become your best self through the articulation of goals, reminders of tasks and to-dos, and answering various goal-setting/soul setting prompts.

This is on my best planners list because ultimately it allows me to maximize my strengths and my motivation to set goals and thoroughly plan out how to fulfill them. I love the look of these planners, too, as I prefer planners with simple templates, giving me a lot more room to play and doodle out my schedule. 

There are three sections of the Best Self planner — Daily, Weekly, and and Monthly — and each is intended to keep you on track to achieve your goals and be your best self. There is even a quote of the day section on the Daily template and a Happiness tracking questionnaire on the Weekly template. 

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*The Best Planners To Help You Organize Your Life

Which of my best planners might you give a try? Do you have your own favourites? Share below; I’d love to hear!

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