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The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This Semester

The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This Semester

I don’t quite know where this summer’s gone, which is unfortunate because I could probably use about 10 more months of it. Yet, we still have a sunny few days until the dog days of summer are upon us, right before the fall semester starts. I thought I’d be a bit proactive here and share with you some of the best school planners to get you ready for your next school semester.

I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of girl, so physical planners have always been my go-to because I can map out all I need to do, highlight my many deadlines, and doodle when I want.

1. BestSelf Co. 

What I love about this planner is that it gives you the physical space you’ll need to write down your deadlines, assignments, and events but it also gives you prompts to help you reflect, to, in a sense, help you become your best self, as the company name suggests. In my books, that immediately puts it under the best school planners out there!

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*The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This Semester

2. Passion Planner 

This is another one of my best school planners to keep everything in place during your semester. This planner isn’t just your average monthly and weekly planner, but it helps you recognize and track your short and long term goals. As a student, I would find this particularly helpful because focusing on goals beyond my everyday school day inspires me.

I was always a good student, but there were those days where I found it hard to look past trudging through my school week. Yet, when I knew I was working towards something, be it a short or long term goal, something school-related or not, I found in myself a surge of motivation and energy. Having a planner like that to keep me on track with my goals would be a perfect addition to the new semester. Below, someone has filled out their own Passion Roadmap to give you an idea of what yours could look like. 

*The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This Semester

3. Erin Condren

Erin Condren doesn’t call her LifePlanner’s that for nothing. These planners are entirely customizable, allowing you to choose your interior layout (vertical, hourly, horizontal); colour theme (colourful or neutral) and calendar options (12, 18, or 12 months for the next year). Erin Condren’s designs are fun and colourful, making it easy to pick up your agenda on a day when you have mounds of work piling up. 

Shop the product:*The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This Semester4.

One of the main reasons I think the planner is an amazing one to start your semester off on the right foot is because it is just SO fun to look at. The designers of have really put play and colour into all of their planners, making it a treat to use — especially when you’re writing down deadlines and assignments inside. 

A bonus feature with planners is that they all come with cool sticker books so you can deck out your planner any way you want to. These planners are a fave of mine because they are not only aesthetically pleasing but incredibly helpful to support you during the busiest time of year. 

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*The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This Semester

5. Belvédère

The Belvédère planner is the one I am currently using and I love it. I love the templates that format the planner for weekly and monthly planning, but I also love the extra pages this planner offers. There is one page dedicated to each month intended to help you track your fitness progress, your goals for the month, appointments and reminders.

As a busy student, I appreciate having a page like that to help support me outside of school time, to remind me of appointments but also to partake in regular exercise, because self-care is so important as a student.

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*The Best Planners To Get You Ready For This SemesterWhich of the best school planners on my list would you like to try? Have you tried any of them before? Did you like them? Share below!

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