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The Best Places To Travel At An Affordable Rate

The Best Places To Travel At An Affordable Rate

Traveling is something that almost everyone wants to experience, especially at a young age. But now more than ever it’s hard not to compare your boring day to day life with influencers online that seem to be on vacation almost every week! Here are the best places to travel at an affordable rate!


One of the best places to travel on a budget is Mexico. Since it’s so close to the U.S. the flights are never too expensive. But just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s not fun! Mexico is full of endless adventures, whether you’re looking to experience new culture, food, beaches, it has it all! Mexico has a rich culture full of interesting history which you are able to learn about just by walking around, or visiting famous landmarks that are free to visit.

Now, the best part of Mexico in my opinion is the food, whether it be from a restaurant or the street you will not be disappointed. The food in Mexico is amazing and about three times cheaper than in America. There are plenty of excursions you can do yourself in Mexico and all for free, the environment is just stunning. One of the coolest things you can do is explore the beautiful cenotes that Mexico has to offer. 



Anther travel destination that stays in budget is Canada. Why I recommend this country is because it is literally connected to the United States. Why does that equal cheap you might ask? Instead of having to buy plane tickets which costs hundreds of dollars you can get in your car and roadtrip over! It might take more time but it will definitely save money.  All you need is your visa and gas money and once you cross the border your vacay has begun!

I’ve been to Canada a handful of times and have never been disappointed. I know when you hear travel/ vacation you may think beaches and sun, but Canada has something to offer during every season. In the cold, Canada is known to have the best places to ski and snowboard and in the warmth Canada has the prettiest hiking views and outdoor activities. With Canada you get the best of both worlds, a bustling city life or a quiet escape. 


Canada is known to be more affordable as the Canadian dollar is worth slightly less than the American dollar. Because of this if you are visiting Canada from the U.S. prices seem to be extremely reasonable. Not only that but most essential items such as food, beverages, and medical (which hopefully you don’t need when visiting) are not taxed, making everything much more affordable!


Going back to Central America, Guatemala is another place you can travel at an affordable rate. Guatemala boarders Mexico, actually it’s right next to it! Guatemala might not be as developed as some countries but what’s so unique about it is the amazing landscape it has to offer. If your an outdoorsy person definitely check Guatemala out, this country is filled with astonishing jungles, volcanoes and wildlife.


It also has a handful of ruins that run back thousands of years ago that are still standing to this day. The most well known are the Tikal Ruins, exploring this historic landmark is just the tip of all the history this country has to offer. All of these is what makes Guatemala so affordable, the nature, history and beautiful views here are all free and available to everyone!


Now if you’re willing to spend a little extra for a plane ticket Thailand if your affordable travel destination! While the costs of getting there isn’t cheap everything else is! Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that is overflowing with culture. If you’re looking for a vacation to learn and explore or even go backpacking Thailand is the country to go to. 


This country has never ending food options  that taste spectacular at crazy low prices. Thailand is actually known for amazing street food/venders where you can get an entire meal for the high price of one American dollar. You can visit comfortably off of about twenty dollars a day! If that’s not affordable I don’t know what is!

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If you’re looking for a religious experience like no other I highly recommend India. You can definitely travel at an affordable rate here especially if you are willing and ready to negotiate prices. When I think of India I think of the beautiful temples and cultural history is has to offer. Temples are a huge and sacred thing in India, and visiting them are a once in a lifetime experience. One of the biggest temples you can visit for free is the Taj Mahal.

Transportation in India is also extremely affordable. Now I’m sure most of us know what an Uber is, but have you ever ridden in a rickshaw? Rickshaw’s are a main form of transportation system in India, but they are also really cheap, which is one way to save a few extra dollars on your vacation. Not only will you be saving money by taking a Rickshaw but you would also be diving into the culture.  



I know Poland may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a vacation, but hear me out. Poland is a country with, I know it might surprise you, an array of beaches. Weird, right?  Why go to Miami with overpriced food and drinks when you can go to Poland for a beach get away? Poland is one hundred percent an amazing place to travel at an affordable rate. 

One polish zloty is equivalent to .25 cents in America. So everything is definitely reasonable when it comes to food and drinks. Now that we know Poland is affordable, what else does it have to offer? Well, if you’re looking for more of a learning experience this country is the place to travel.

Poland is filled with rich heritage and fascinating museums that are free to the public. It’s also paradise to any foodies out there, sure here in the U.S. we have plenty of Mexican, Italian, or Chinese restaurants, but not many Polish ones. Poland has an array of food that you have to try! 


Theses are just a handful of beautiful places around the world you can go. See, you can get an influencer lifestyle with any budget you have. Comment down below your favorite place to travel at an affordable rate! 

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