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The Best Places To Study At UNT

The Best Places To Study At UNT

Everyone has their own take on how to study, but it usually comes down to where you want to spend the next few hours being productive. Whether it’s a quiet library or a busy coffee shop, here are a few of the best places to study on UNT’s campus and in the Denton area.

Union Rooftop Terrace

The Union’s rooftop terrace is somewhat hidden in the Union but if you find it, it can be a change of scenery when studying. Instead of sitting in a room with artificial lighting, come up to the Union’s rooftop terrace and get some work done in the fresh air. Bring some snacks and a few assignments and watch time fly as you get things accomplished during a nice day. If you get too hot or tired of the outdoors then you can always make your way back into the Union and find another place from this list to study to finish up your study session!


Eagle Commons

If you’re looking for a place to hide away and work then the Eagle Commons is the place for you. Located in Sycamore Hall, this area seems very compact at first but each desk provides a private space to work with outlets nearby for your electronics. While there is also an open space that houses a computer lab, many students choose to study within the library. The Eagle Commons is the place where you are guaranteed to get some work done.

Best Places To Study At UNT

Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center is located on the third floor of the Union in room 335. It’s a great place to stop by and get some work done in between classes. The center also has a great staff and offers great resources to those who come by. The Multicultural Center also offers free printing, unlike the Willis Library were you have to pay to print. Although it may feel like there are people coming in and out due to the popularity of the center, you’ll still be able to get some studying done.


The Syndicate

The Syndicate may seem like an odd place to sit down and study, but it’s the atmosphere that can sometimes help with not overworking yourself. The second floor of the Syndicate would work best since you want to avoid being crowded by the line at Fuzzy’s; but with the chatter and the music, it can be a great place to knock out a few assignments without having to hide away for hours. The Syndicate also provides easy access to the Union if you’re looking for a quick snack or to seek additional help on coursework.

Best Places To Study At UNT


Crumley Park

If you like the outdoors and would like to study in an open area with fresh air, then Crumley Park is for you. Located next to Crumley Hall, this park is right in the middle of campus and can be quite noisy with all the cars nearby, but can prove effective when it comes to studying. Students do not shy away from taking a blanket or hammock out into the park to read a book or just take a break from studying. It’s a great area to lay out your work on a nice day and get some studying done, or just lay down and relax. The park is also located across the street from Willis Library, so again if you’re in need of a break, Crumley Park won’t disappoint.

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Jupiter House

Jupiter House is a coffee shop located on the Square for those looking to study off-campus. This shop doesn’t just offer coffee though, there’s a variety of pastries, snacks, smoothies, and shakes. There’s a lot of options for seating with two floors available. The best part being, if you would like to sit on the second floor and have a view of the square, you can! With this location being on the Square, it can also help to take a break from work and take a walk around, then come back after a quick stretch and knock out those last few assignments.

West Oak Coffee Bar

West Oak Coffee Bar is another off-campus coffee shop that is also located at the Square. This coffee shop also offers various food options to accompany your coffee. If you like to study in a lower light environment then this place is for you. The dim lighting can sometimes help students with their concentration. Just like when studying at the Jupiter House, while being on the Square, be sure to not overwork yourself! Take a break from studying whenever you need to and explore the area!

Best Places To Study At UNT


Student Organization Area

The student organization is just next door to the Multicultural Center on the third floor. This is a great place to meet with a group for any kind of group project when you need in-person collaboration. Their area is also as a place for student organizations to meet. It is a great resource for those starting up their own clubs on campus. Speaking of resources, the student organization area is surrounded by several departments that can answer any questions you may have and provide assistance, just ask! There is a selection of areas to choose from for your group to meet in, from tables in the open areas to conference rooms for larger meetings.

Willis Library

If you’re looking for a place to setup camp and push through a few chapters, the Willis Library is for you. There’s a selection of computers on almost every floor, all of which you are able to print from. There are also rooms throughout the library that students are able to reserve. The library has 24/7 access, so those of you that like to pull all-nighters, this could be your money spot. Each floor level also provides a different noise level for whatever environment you would to work in. The noise levels range from normal to the absolutely no noise floor, well not absolute silence but you’ll be told to be quiet if you make too much noise.

Where do you like to study? Is it on campus or is it somewhere in Denton? Tell us in the comments.

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