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The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts

The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts

The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts

Vintage t-shirts are a casual way to instantly elevate and personalize an outfit. If you’re in pursuit of the highly coveted girl-cool look, then a versatile vintage tee will be a great addition to your wardrobe. It can be hard to find the perfect tee with the popularity of this street style trend. Fair warning, hunting for vintage can be mildly addicting. Here’s a list of the best places to score vintage t-shirts online.

Burnout Vintage

Burnout Vintage is a well-curated plethora of Harley Davidson, band, and classic American vintage t-shirts. This one woman, Southern California business has perfected an effortless cool-girl style. Many of the vintage tees are reconstructed into crop-tops and sleeveless tanks, so you don’t have to worry about them being baggy or unflattering. Burnout also has a collection of handmade clothing and accessories, including their own line of graphic tees. They offer worldwide shipping and have recently opened their first retail location. Follow them @shopburnout for a look at new arrivals.

The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts


eBay is the first place you should start looking if you’re searching for vintage. With thousands of unique options, there’s something for every style, size, and price point. Obviously, the bidding site won’t be as well curated as a high-end vintage store, but there are plenty of fairly priced options. Be prepared to do a lot of scrolling and searching for yourself. Larger sizes tend to be less expensive and more common – you can always easily crop the pieces yourself. Oejvintage is a great eBay shop for unique 1980s tees.

The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts

The Vintage Twin

The Vintage Twin has a great selection of brightly colored graphic t-shirts. The site is a professionally hunted selection of vintage attire and decor for both men and women. T-shirt prices go upwards of 100 dollars, but 10% of the proceeds are donated to charity, so you can feel good about where you’re spending your money. The Vintage Twin offers a wonderful feature that searches for similar pieces if you happen to miss out on something you love. The brand holds occasional pop-up shops for New Yorkers and site-wide free shipping for everyone else.  Follow them on Instagram @thevintagetwin.

The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts


Much like eBay, Etsy has a massive selection of interesting vintage apparel. The collection comes from independent sellers, but unlike eBay, there’s no bidding feature. Etsy has a ton of different price points so it’s a great place to start your search. There’s usually only one of each item, so act fast you happen to fall in love with something. A couple of fantastic sellers are, shop vintage vibes, the habits of rabbits, beat to hell, and threads from the crypt. Most items aren’t available for returns, but the best part about vintage is you can always resell it.

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The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts


Ragstock is an online retailer with a ton of well-priced vintage items. They specialize in soft, worn in vintage tees, but they also have a great selection of flannels, jeans, and jackets. Most items are priced under 30 dollars, which is significantly lower than most vintage shops. There’s a great selection of name brands like Adidas and Levis, mixed in with a funky assortment of more random tees. Ragstock is a great place to build your collection. Check them out @ragstock.

The Best Places To Score Vintage T-shirts

Flea Markets

If online searching isn’t your thing, then local flea markets are a great way to find vintage. With summer approaching there’s about to be an influx of yard sales and flea markets popping around you. They’re a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon and it’s possible to find some rare pieces if you have a good eye. Plus, flea markets tend to be slightly less expensive and many sellers are open to haggling.

Where do you shop for vintage? Comment down below!

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