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The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day may be weeks away, but it’s never too early to start planning your end of the summer trip! When looking for the perfect spot to spend Labor Day weekend, you want to find a place that works best for your interests. Whether it’s sightseeing or relaxing the beach, you are bound to have a blast those last few days of summer. Here are some of the best places to go for Labor Day weekend in the country!

1. Washington, D.C

Where better to celebrate the patriotic holiday than in the heart of America. D.C is full of some of the nation’s most historical monuments and has a deep and rich history. You will not be bored or in lack of sites to see from The White House to The Smithsonian. Unlike a lot of vacation spots meant solely to get a little rest and relaxation, your brain will feel full of brand new knowledge and discoveries. The weather is also beautiful this time of year in the capital!

The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

2. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Being a native of the Cape myself, I can vouch for how beautiful the landscape our little island connected by a bridge is in its entirety. With countless beaches and shops to visits in, as well as some of the finest seafood you can ever eat, the Cape is a must-visit destination for your Labor Day weekend travels. And the best part is around Labor Day is usually when many of the tourists have already made their way back home for the season. The Cape is a lot bigger than most people realize, as it is made up of fifteen towns in total, so make sure you scout out what spots you really want to see ahead of time.

The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

3. Aspen, Colorado

Most people think of Aspen as a winter hot spot for skiing, but it’s actually quite beautiful and lively towards the end of the summer season. On Labor Day weekend, in fact, the annual Jazz Aspen Snowmass Festival takes place for all you live music lovers out there. But no fear if you couldn’t score tickets to the event. You’ll still find plenty to do in the area from hiking, shopping, paddleboarding, and paragliding.

The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

4. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

One of the most beautiful spots in New England, Lake Winnipesaukee is a favorite among those who like a combination of beach and wilderness if their travels. It is the largest lake in New Hampshire, as it is a total of seventy-two miles long. You will not run out of activities from kayaking, tubing, paddle boarding, hiking, and just laying out getting some sun during the last few days of summer.

The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

5. Santa Cruz, California

This coastal Cali city is perfect for your Labor Day weekend plans, as it is full of exciting things for you and your friends/family to do! From the historic Santa Cruz Boardwalk, full of rides and countless shops to naturally formed beaches you will not be bored. The best part is most of the activities are all within walking distance, so if you’re staying at a place nearby you should be fine if you didn’t have any transportation.

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The Best Places To Go For Labor Day Weekend

So now that you have a little idea of what are some good places to hit up those last few days of summer, get to booking your trip! Things fill up fast and the last thing you want is to miss out on the last weekend of fun for the summer because of lack of action.

Know of any Labor Day weekend hot spots yourself? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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