The Best Places To Eat Near UCLA

Are you bored of the De Neve tacos? Are you getting sick of having to grab 3 dishes at B Plate because the portions are so tiny? Did you run out of swipes way too early? While the food at UCLA definitely beats most schools, some days you just really need a break from the options at the dining halls. Here are the top 10 best places to eat near UCLA.

10. Cava

Since most of our college budgets can’t afford a steak or a fancy brunch every week, this spot will save you some dough and even leave you with leftovers! Cava is what I like to think of as the Greek version of Chipotle. As much as we all love a burrito bowl, sometimes the extra guac can leave us feeling lethargic and fat. A good alternative for when all your friends are in line for Chipotle is heading next door to Cava. The similar set up allows you to choose rice or lettuce as your base and add on your choice of protein and tons of veggies. The best part is the hummus ISN’T extra!

9. Soleil Westwood

$15 Bottomless mimosa brunch on weekends…need I say more?

8. Fresh Corn Grill

Similar to Cava, Fresh Corn Grill is a place that won’t break the bank. The dishes are health-conscious and loaded with vegetables, spices and protein. Don’t let their healthy exterior deter you, their plates are delicious. They offer tons of options for lunch, such as salads, pastas, pizzas and tacos. This place is perfect for a filling meal after class or a quick to-go order in between errands. Another plus is that they are on Postmates and Uber Eats! This truly is one of the best places to eat near UCLA. 

7. Pink Taco

Just a short Uber away from campus is the famous Sunset Strip staple: Pink Taco. Enjoy delicious margaritas and flavorful tacos in this rock-n-roll themed hotspot. The exotic décor and vibrant music makes it a go to spot for a girl’s night out.

6. Saffron & Rose

If you’re sick of late night Diddy Reise runs and want to try a more sophisticated dessert spot, head over to Saffron & Rose. This ice cream joint offers unique flavors, including guava, cucumber, white rose and French espresso, for the more adventurous sweet tooth. To top it off, their flavors are all organic.

5. Fundamental LA

Fundamental LA has everything from falafel to tater tots. This menu will never let you get bored during your lunch hour. Their beautifully-plated dishes will literally have your mouth drooling out the sides. The simple decor doesn’t seem like much, considering its basically just wooden tables and stools, but the dishes are sure to be something you throw on Instagram. If you’re coming for lunch, the sandwiches are a must, and are definitely an upgrade from BCafe! Their grilled cheese melts in your mouth and is perfectly complimented with the crunchy sourdough bread. Another must-have is the gooey chocolate chip cookie to finish your meal. With that power lunch, you’ll be sure to make it through your last class.

4. House of Meatballs

Located right next to Whole Foods, this next place is an easy walk from any dorm or apartment. House of Meatballs is an intimate restaurant that packs big flavor into its dishes. With such a small setting, I would definitely recommend a reservation, especially if you are planning on going on a popular night. It’s a great spot for a first date or to catch up with a friend or two! The meatballs can be customized with any sauce and meat, but I recommend the classic “Just Like Mama” meatballs with Mama marinara. If you’re not into meatballs, they have great alternatives, such as the chicken parmigiana or the squash ravioli. Trust me, these pasta dishes will put Covel to shame.

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3. Barney’s Beanery

Barney’s is the place you go on Sundays to eat away the mistakes you made on Saturday night! They have TV’s on every inch of the wall and portion sizes that could feed a small family so if you want to post up on game day this is definitely your place. The food is easily described as American comfort, so don’t expect to be leaving with any room left in your stomach. The best part about this place is every day they have deals on beer, drinks or dishes on the menu, so you’ll never feel guilty for ordering two entrees! With its vintage décor and delicious menu this is sure to be a favorite on the list.

2. The Butcher, The Baker and the Cappuccino Maker

This trendy spot in WeHo is great for brunch on the weekends. If the night before didn’t wipe you out, I would definitely throw on your favorite sundress to snap a picture with the famous Colorburst latte. This is the type of place that you have to splurge at so definitely order the baker’s pastry basket to start and follow up with either the pork belly eggs benedict or the ricotta pancakes! If you’re strolling in towards the end of brunch and are craving something heartier go, for the fried chicken sandwich. The honey they use will have you wanting seconds!

1. STK Los Angeles

Located in the posh W Hotel, this steakhouse will have you feeling boujee af! This is the type of place you make your parents take you to when they’re visiting. You can’t go to STK without ordering the NY Strip. This delicious plate is presented a la carte so I highly recommend splurging on sides. My favorites include the mac n cheese and the truffle fries!

Let us know what you think about the best places to eat near UCLA in the comments below!
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