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The Best Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

The Best Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

The best places to eat in Pittsburgh involve more than just eating delicious food. The best places to eat in Pittsburgh have a great atmosphere,  excellent service, and a great bar to sit at too. 

Take a gander at the spots listed below and try a few next time you’re in the Steel City. I promise you won’t regret it. 

1. Bonfire 

If you’re looking for a late-night snack while on Pittsburgh’s infamous E. Carson St, you might want to check out Bonfire. 


I was there for the first time recently and absolutely loved it. The lowlights are ideal for a first date and the music choice is incredible. 

The whole time I was there, they nothing but Frank Ocean and Mac Miller. Trust me, nowhere in Pittsburgh is doing that. 

They have great dishes along with an intriguing array of drink choices. 


2. Waffles Incaffeinated 

This restaurant is among the best places to eat in Pittsburgh because they are home to some of the best waffles in the city. 

They such a creative list of waffles it’s crazy. My personal favorite was the banana foster, which is a waffle fused with walnuts inside and out, topped with bananas and a cool mound of vanilla bean ice cream smothered with foster’s sauce.   

If you go on a Friday, you can get the funky monkey for only 6 dollars. It’s a golden waffle with chocolate chips and topped with fresh bananas. They smother it with housemade peanut butter chiffon and fudge sauce. 



Smoke barbecue taqueria is next on our list of the best places to eat in Pittsburgh. It’s an interesting take on Mexican food. 

It’s interesting because they place barbecue food on tacos and the combination is just divine. You can choose between brisket, pork, and even ribs. 


That’s right, they have rib tacos. Easily one of the most interesting spots to eat in Pittsburgh. It’s a little hole in the wall that made the best in the burgh in 2015. 

So if you find yourself in Pittsburgh, make sure you stop by Lawrenceville to try a different take on tacos. 

4. Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is also one of the best places to eat in Pittsburgh. As I stated earlier, the atmosphere is an important aspect of a restaurant being the best. 


Monterey Bay has a panoramic riverside view that offers elegantly plated seafood. If you have the money to splurge, then this is the place to do it. 

The choices are great from scallop cacio e pepe to swordfish, bigeye tuna, and Norwegian steelhead trout. 


5. Grand Concourse 

This train station turned upscale restaurant has seafood, steaks and a casual saloon attached to it. The atmosphere is pristine, elegant, and located somewhere with a fantastic view of one of Pittsburgh’s rivers. 

This is a great option for those who feel Monterey Bey is a little too pricey. They have several different menus to choose from too. They have private dining options for celebrations as well as brunch specials. 

The drinks they have are also great for anyone interested in creative cocktails. I recommend the Smokin’ Berry Mule if you enjoy a good vodka cocktail. 


6. täkō

This lively taqueria comes with sidewalk seating and serves inventive Mexican street food in stylish digs. In this Mexican restaurant, you can find that they also have creative tacos. 

Aside from the classics like carnitas, and chorizo, they have octopus, fish, and a Korean option as well. They even have a great choice of cocktails as well as a great location in the heart of Pittsburgh. 

Another attribute that makes this one of the best places to eat in Pittsburgh is the fact that when you order a taco, you actually get two.


7. Cambod-Ican Kitchen Restaurant

This is the best spot for those who enjoy a late-night snack. Cambod-Ican Kitchen is a casual cafe with an offbeat vibe serving Cambodian-American fare. 

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When you’re out in Pittsburgh’s infamous southside you’ll have to find a place to eat after a night of drinking. 


They’re best known for their kabobs and wontons, but the stir-fried rice and cashew chicken are great options too. Just make sure you get there before closing time, which isn’t until 3 a.m. 

8. Eleven 

Eleven is located in a rehabilitated warehouse that’s tucked away alongside the old Pennsylvania rail lines. You can find this gem in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, the restaurant pays homage to the city’s industrial history. 

The menu itself contains elaborate dishes such as Scottish salmon, jumbo lump crab cake sandwich, as well as offering the first course, soups and entrees. 


9. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Morton’s is an upscale chain that’s perfect for those craving aged prime beef. This is another great restaurant if you got the money to break the bank.

Morton is located right in the heart of Pittsburgh’s cultural district. This prime location will allow guests to enjoy a pre-show meal in its elegant dining room or share drinks and Bar Bites with friends at Bar 1221.

10. Poulet Bleu

Poulet Bleu is an elegant French restaurant that’s relatively new to the city of Pittsburgh. The front is guarded by two gargoyles that really instill the idea of French cuisine. 


Located in Lawrenceville, Poulet Bleu offers authentic  French dishes such as crispy duck confit, seared foie groas, and scallops st jacque.  

If you want to try something different and authentic, I highly recommend Poulet Bleu because it’s relatively new. 


11. Streets On Carson

Streets on Carson is based on celebrating the simple things that are often hidden away during our mundane life. The environment itself is to encourage creativity that has a purpose. 

That’s why you can find funky art plastered all over the walls of Streets On Carson. Not only can you find great food inside, but you can also attend one of their art shows. 

If you ever find yourself in the burgh, be sure to ask every yinzer you meet what the best restaurants in Pittsburgh are. As always, don’t forget to leave a comment down below!