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The Best Places To Eat At In Los Angeles

Everything about Los Angeles can be overwhelming, from finding a decent gym to figuring out the nearest beach. The last thing you should be stressing about is where to eat, given the vast amount of options to chose from. Here’s a great list of places to eat for you to save to your phone!

1. Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

The best thing about Porto’s is that it’s cheap! Given the amount of food per item, this is my top place to eat at in Los Angeles. This place has great breakfast food as well as delicious, freshly made bakery items AND DESSERTS at very low prices. The great news is that if you’re a fan of their cheesecake, you can even buy a whole cake to take home! 

What I Order: Iced Chai Tea, Spinach & Feta Croissant, Mixed Berry Danish ($7)

2. Top Round Roast Beef

Arguably the best roast beef in the Los Angeles area, Top Round has even been featured in a Buzzfeed Worth It video! It definitely lives up to the hype. If roast beef isn’t your thing, don’t worry! They also have burgers, sandwiches, chicken, and even a delicious frozen custard for dessert. You can even purchase a bottle of their homemade seasoning salt!

What I Order: The OG (make it beefy), Gravy Fries, Fountain Drink ($12)

3. Vicious Dogs

Another glorious place I’ve found thanks to Buzzfeed Worth It. From bacon wrapped Los Angeles style dogs to Chicago dogs (my hometown), this place is entirely worth the hype. What was even more phenomenal is that the owner still does everything himself, and was even the one who cooked my order the last time I went.

If you’re all about good food and hard work, this is the place for you! Not to mention every traditional topping is free! Plus, the Garlic Feta Fries are to die for.

What I Order: Bacon Wrapped Dog with pickle, Garlic Feta Fries, Fountain Drink ($8.50)

4. Great White Hut

Something I’ve learned from my time in Los Angeles, is that the best food comes from smaller buildings, and this place is no exception. This small hut produces some of the best fritas I’ve ever had. Each one is fries smothered in delicious toppings, from cilantro and feta, to a whole fried egg. Bonus? $0.99 tacos on Tuesdays! 

What I Order: The Classic Fritas, Coke ($7)

5. Mini Monster

A big part of finding a good meal is making sure the drink is good too! What better place to go to than Mini Monster? This Tea and Coffee shop in the Universal City Walk is amazing, and the only thing better than the lavender lemonade are the cute accessories they sell with it! They have adorable reusable lightbulb glasses and flower crowns for you to enjoy your drink for its taste and looks!

What I Order: Lavender Lemonade (and I bought a flower crown) ($5.25)

6. Hiho Cheeseburger

This place may be on the more expensive side, but the price is worth the burger you get. The burgers here are arguably the best burger to be had. The juicy-ness, the crunch of the fries; even the water is as fresh as can be. Just by writing about it is making me crave it. If you ever find yourself in Santa Monica, add this place to your list.

What I Order: Hiho Double Burger w/o Cheese, Fries ($13)

7. Yalla Mediterranean

Mediterranean is my pride and joy, and there is no better place to get some than Yalla. Everything is fresh, to the point where they have a bulletin board highlighting each location an ingredient is sourced from. Their tzatziki sauce makes me want to cry happy tears, and their grilled chicken is so fresh and full of seasonings! The best part is that it’s just enough food to fill you and not stuff you, so goodbye feelings of bloatedness!

What I Order: Greek Style Wrap with Grilled Chicken ($9)

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8. In-N-Out

I feel like you can’t make a “Places to Eat at in Los Angeles” article without including this fast food icon. Part of the appeal of In-N-Out is the fact that, like Yalla, they locally source all of their food from farms around the area. Everything is freshly made, from the buns, to the fries. Watching the employees place a full potato into their fry maker and having it pop out into fries is so satisfying to watch while waiting. 

Not to mention that the food items are cheap! A double double alone is around $4, meaning you can fill your stomach without emptying your wallet. Pro Tip: Ordering your fries “Animal Style” is the best thing you can do at this establishment. 

What I Order: Hamburger with Onions, Fries (Animal Style), Fountain Drink ($12)


9. Little China

Something hard about moving away from home is finding a good local Chinese food place. My heart will always beat for Lucky Star, but Lucky Star isn’t in Los Angeles with me. However, Little China is. My go-to comfort food will always be Cashew Chicken, and Little China makes the best cashew chicken I have ever tasted in my life. The best part is that the half size is enough to be two full meals if you mix it with the rice!

What I Order: Cashew Chicken, half size ($9)

10. TeaPop

Yet another coffee and tea shop, but this place has more than just endless drink options! They also have a beautiful outdoor lounge, perfect for getting studying or work done! Each drink can be fully customizable with their large variety of add-ons, like boba, flavored syrups, and more. My favorite part is that I can amp up my newfound obsession of lavender flavored things with their lavender syrup! Lavender Lemonade, here I come!

What I Order: Large Lavender Lemonade ($5)

There we have it! A list of LA food places to get you started on your foodie adventures! Do you have any Los Angeles favorites? Comment them below!

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