The Best Places To Eat At Disneyland

If there’s one thing that Disneyland has become known for in the last few years it’s food. People love going to Disneyland to eat and Instagram all of the food that they have to offer. I am one of these people so I know what I’m talking about. Between Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney there is no shortage of places that you can go chow down in. So as not to overwhelm your hungry stomachs, let’s just focus on the best places to eat inside of Disneyland! Let’s start on Main Street U.S.A and work our way counter clockwise through the park.

Main Street USA

Plaza Inn

The crown here goes to the Plaza Inn, I’m a big fan of the chicken alfredo and being able to sit inside gets you a reprieve from the heat. It’s just a nice, quiet place to relax for a minute before you dive back into the crowds to hustle away to make your next fast pass. 


This is more of a late afternoon/evening stop for me, if it’s morning then I venture over to the Carnation Cafe for a Mickey Waffle. Or if I’m on the move it’s a quick stop inside the Starbucks for an iced coffee to chug as I speed walk through to the Millennium Falcon.


Bengal Barbecue

I’m going to apologize straight off because I am not including Dole Whip. I don’t like it and the line is always really long. Why wait for that when just a bit further you have delicious skewers waiting to be devoured at Bengal Barbecue.


Oh man. My mouth waters just thinking about the skewers here. The Banyan Beef Skewer has a spicy sauce that’s just *chef’s kiss*. The Safari (Bacon Wrapped Asparagus) Skewer is another favorite, and if it’s available (it’s a seasonal offering I believe) the BBQ Pork Belly Skewer. The only downside to this place before was a lack of seating, but they recently replaced the Indiana Jones section of the Bazaar that was next to  Bengal Barbecue with a dining area. This is also one of the places that you can mobile order from through the Disneyland App so you can save yourself a bit of time by ordering ahead. 

The Best Places To Eat At Disneyland

New Orleans Square

Cafe Orleans


For sit down restaurants, really try to make reservations ahead of time so that you’re guaranteed a table. If it’s a busy day at the park you most likely won’t be able to just walk up and ask for a table. Here my go-tos are simple: a bowl of gumbo, pommes frites, and beignets. 

If you can’t get a table at Cafe Orleans, the Royal Veranda close by sells pretty much the same stuff but they lack seating so you’ll have to hunt down a place to sit if their two tables are taken.

Blue Bayou is their “fancy” dining option, where you can watch people embark on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride as you eat. I’ve only gone once, and while I like what I ate it wasn’t anything to write home about. The decor and ambiance of the restaurant are really what you’re there for. So save yourself the extra dollars for some popcorn and churros during the parade.


The Best Places To Eat At Disneyland

Critter Country

Harbour Gallery

This is a little hideway that I feel like I hardly ever see people at or talking about. It’s tucked away by the Rivers of America at the entrance of Critter Country directly across from the Haunted Mansion. Get yourself a lobster roll and watch the Mark Twain Riverboat sail by. 


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Ronto Roasters

Ok, so the last time I went to Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge had just opened so it was crowded and I didn’t have a chance to try out Oga’s Cantina *insert crying face*. However, I did snack around. I got a Ronto wrap at Ronto’s Roasters that was amazing, it was a sandwich with spicy sausage in a pita bread. I also tried their Meiloorun Juice, which was a blend of different fruit juices that was refreshing in the heat of the day. 

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Rancho del Zocalo

I don’t very often eat in Frontierland, but when I do it’s at Rancho del Zocalo’s because they’ve lured me in with some twist on a Mexican favorite. That usually happens during the holidays, when offerings have ranged from a Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich to Frozen Horchata. Nothing really out there, but it”s stuff that they only ever have during special events so I try to breeze through on my way to Fantasyland (there’s a convenient little passage next door that takes you past the royal theater and into Princess central) or Pirates of the Caribbean. 

The Best Places To Eat At Disneyland



As you pass the Royal Theater you’ll see a little cart, Maurice’s Treats, stationed right by it. Take a detour to buy yourself a Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist. You won’t be sorry and you’ll thank me for changing your life. The Boysen Apple Freeze is also excellent. 

Once in Fantasyland there’s really only one place to eat and that’s the Red Rose Taverne. I don’t know if it’s actually good, or if I’m just blinded by my love and loyalty to Beauty and the Beast to accept any other response. I’ve only gone for lunch, so I can’t say anything about the breakfast, but I’ve had the Beast burger and it was massive. I was so full after that I  don’t think I even finished my fries. I did make some room for the Grey Stuff, and yes it was delicious. 

The Best Places To Eat At Disneyland



There’s a cart outside of Star Traders that sells these Cream Cheese filled Mickey Pretzels that are one of my favorite things to get at Disneyland. I think they’re also available at Jolly Holiday on Main Street, or near there, but I always get them in Tomorrowland. 

Tomorrowland is another place I rarely eat in, but when I do it’s at the Galactic Grill for a simple cheeseburger and fries.  

What do you think are the best places to eat at Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below!

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