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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At UMass Amherst

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At UMass Amherst

If you’re anything like me, the occasional cry isn’t out of the ordinary for you. Let’s be honest, college is tough. We students have to find the perfect way to balance our grades, family, and social life all while trying to look cool doing it. If I’ve learned anything my first semester here at UMass, it’s that sometimes the best thing to do is to treat yourself to a good, sniffling, mascara ruining, ugly cry. Fortunately, we put together the best places to cry at UMass Amherst. Hey, no shame we all could use a good cry every now and again.

Here are the top ten places to let it out at UMass Amherst:

1. The Shower

Okay, the shower is undoubtedly my favorite place to cry. With all that water and humidity you can feel free to cry all you want without worrying about your makeup. The shower cry is a personal favorite of mine because of its’ privacy as well . You don’t have to worry if Dave from Bio lab sees you looking like a hot mess all out in the open. Chances are you’ll feel even better after your cry when you’re all clean, its almost like that Kim Kardashian ugly cry didn’t even happen.


2. The Library

Yes, good ole’ Du Bois. If you’re a quite crier, find yourself a small cubicle on one of the quiet floors and feel free to let it all out. Everyone is way too busy studying for that accounting test to notice someone crying. Not to mention those cubicles give you the privacy that you need to cry in public while still maintaining appearances. Besides, I see people crying in the library all the time, I think there’s just an understanding that sometimes you just cant.


3. The Campus Pond

With it’s scenic view and  spectacular fountains, the pond is not only an ideal spot to reflect and catch your breath, but it is also home to some of the most annoying geese known to mankind. I’m confident that the squawks from our furry friends will drown out any and all sounds to indicate that you’re crying. 

4. The bathroom of a frat

okay listen up, not only will you be accompanied by other crying girls in the frat bathroom, but you will have at least 15 of your closest friends that you just met 10 minutes ago to comfort you. There really is nothing like instant friends, and drunk girls will give you a makeup touch up while they’re empowering you to get on that dance floor and forget about that dumb boy. Nothing like a little girl power for a pick me up.

5. On one of the PVTA busses

While this may not be ideal for privacy, we all know that enough weird stuff happens on these buses that no one will take a second look to you blowing into a tissue. While you’re along for the ride, you might as well take a trip into Amherst and grab a slice of Antonios Pizza, because lets face it…pizza makes everything better.

6. Mcguirk alumni stadium

This one is a long shot, but as we students know, game days are for tailgating and then getting Berk afterwards. The stadium is a great place to spread out and cry. I feel as though most UMass Students cry at the stadium anyway given our track record with football, so you’ll fit right in.

7. Your dorm room

If you cant cry here where can you cry? Ladies, we are at that point in the semester where your roommate has probably seen you at your best and your worst. Personally, my roommate has been my favorite shoulder to cry on. We have transformed our room into a place where we can laugh, cry, and do everything in between. Not to mention you can cuddle up in your bed and watch some well deserved Netflix afterwards.

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8. The Greenhouse

The college of natural sciences is home to a seriously gorgeous greenhouse. If I lived closer to this baby, it would most definitely be my favorite place to shed a tear. There’s nothing like being around something beautiful to remind us that life isn’t all bad. The greenhouse is someplace quiet and private to, you know, reflect a little.

9. Judies

If being in public isn’t the issue, then the nice folks at Judies could provide the best form of comfort. Food. Nothing says ‘feel better’ more than one of their delicious popovers with apple butter. Judies is basically a right of passage for any UMass student so even if crying isn’t necessarily on the menu, I still highly recommend stopping by when you need a break from dining hall food.

10. The Laundry Room

Full disclosure, I’ve cried in the laundry room. I mean when thousands of residents have to share four washers and dryers…cue the water works. Doing less than a half a load at a time, is rough, but the probability of finding a working washer AND dryer at the exact times you need it is about as easy as walking from southwest to the agricultural science building in under 10 minutes. Not to mention, that the washers are moldy and clothes come out wet from the dryer. As if college isn’t stressful enough, try running out of clean clothes then having a mental breakdown every time it’s laundry day. By that I do mean day, because if you think you’re getting that done in under an hour…pass the tissues.

Where do you think the best places to cry at UMass Amherst are? Comment below!
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