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The Best Places To Buy Sundresses For This Season

The Best Places To Buy Sundresses For This Season

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for a dress you’ll wear one season out of the year? I can fix this issue for you. There are tons of options out there for stores with cute and affordable sundresses. Here are some shops you should definitely check out:


1. Abercrombie

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Abercrombie is a pretty well known brand, but I still feel like it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Everyone seems to associate it with how it was ten years ago, with all the XXXS moose shirts and overpowering perfume. As someone who once worked at an Abercrombie, I can assure you that it’s changed for the better since then. Abercrombie’s products are all so well made, as the company is now pushing to use more eco-friendly materials. Not to mention that their sundresses are adorable. Some of them are on the pricier side, but there’s always a sale going on where you can score discounted dresses. I love the red linen dress above, as well as their other maxi sundresses.

2. Princess Polly

<img src="princesspolly.jpg" alt="">

Princess Polly is another big brand, though I can attest, it’s popular for a reason. Who doesn’t love a shop with quick shipping and hundreds—if not thousands—of styles of sundresses to choose from? I’m definitely a fan. Like Abercrombie, some of the prices for Princess Polly dresses run a bit high. Luckily, they also have an extensive range of sundresses on sale, updated regularly. One perk of shopping on the Princess Polly website is that they accept Afterpay, too. For some reason, Afterpay never feels like you’re spending real money. Maybe that’s why I’m broke.  


3. Depop and Vinted

If you’re looking for a cheap and sustainable option, start with Depop and Vinted. Both are easy-to-use websites where you can find whatever sundress you’re searching for. You can score huge discounts on name brand products, which I consider a win. Though I’ve never used Vinted before, I’ve heard good things about the site. I will admit to being a frequent Depop user. It’s so easy to find what you’re looking for there; you can customize the price range, brand, size, condition, etc. to suit your needs. I’ve made some big purchases on there, including a floral sundress from Urban Outfitters for $15. 

4. Djerf Avenue

<img src="djerfave.jpg" alt="">

For those of you who are looking to splurge on sundresses, check out Djerf Avenue. These dresses are undeniably cute, especially the summer berry one Matilda Djerf recently released. I’m also itching to buy the silk maxi tube dresses from Djerf Avenue (once I get my next paycheck, of course). Djerf Avenue sundresses are perfect for the summer; I would style them with a linen top (like in the picture above) or just on their own with some dainty jewelry. Each dress gives me European vacation vibes, so if you’re planning a trip to Greece or Rome, be sure to pack one in your suitcase!


5. Sundae Muse 

<img src="sundaemuse.jpg" alt="">

Sundae Muse’s sundresses are nothing short of high quality. This is reflected in their prices, which can be steep, but there are many affordable options on their website. How to describe the vibes of Sundae Muse? I would say that these sundresses are made for dinners by the beach and sorority recruitment: two very different scenarios, but with the same level of formality. They’re preppy without being in-your-face preppy, making them a great summer staple. Just keep in mind that since they’re an Australian company, their sizing is funky.

6. Etsy

Etsy?? Isn’t that just for arts and crafts?? You’d be dead wrong to think that. Etsy has a ton of handmade clothing for sale, including sundresses. You can find any type of style on there, from vintage to boho, all at a reasonable price. Plus, a lot of sellers have free shipping! It may take some time for you to find exactly what you want, but don’t give up. There’s truly something for everyone on Etsy.


7. Sunhoney

If a store has “sun” in the name, chances are they make amazing sundresses. Just like Sundae Muse, Sunhoney seems to specialize in cute and classy sundresses. Most of their dresses are preppy, with bright colors and beachy patterns. I am in LOVE with their Summer Haze Pink Off The Shoulder Dress—that’s definitely going in my shopping cart. If prep isn’t really your style, fear not—this online boutique has pages and pages of dresses to pick from. With prices as low as $30, Sunhoney won’t break the bank. It’ll also provide you with your dream beach getaway wardrobe. Total The Summer I Turned Pretty vibes. 

8. Petal And Pup

<img src="sundress.jpg" alt="">

Is anyone else obsessed with cottage core? I think that style is so simple, yet so chic. The sundresses from Petal and Pup will make you feel like you’re a fairytale princess, living somewhere deep in the French countryside. Each dress is effortlessly elegant, abundant with frills, puff sleeves, and pastel pinks. The dresses at Petal and Pup would make the perfect outfit if you’re attending a summer wedding. Or if you just want to live out your cottage core dreams, you can also wear them as you prance around meadows and scavenge berries. If you’re not a huge cottage core fan, there are dresses on their website that fit different aesthetics. I love the modern maxi dress in the picture above—you’ve gotta appreciate a good slit.

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9. House Of CB 

While on the steeper side in terms of prices, House Of CB’s sundresses will leave you speechless. They showcase every style of dress imaginable on their website, from staple minis to dreamy corset maxis. You can tell by the pictures alone that their products are high quality. I’m dying to get my hands on the Rose Draped Corset Dress; I can definitely picture myself wearing it to a dinner party, or at a formal summer event. Visit their website for a glance into dress heaven.  



Obviously, you don’t need any special occasion to wear a flouncy sundress. Any day in the summertime is a good day to wear one. Soak up the sunshine and show off your outfit!


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