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The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Matcha powder is a fan-favorite in Japan, and is especially getting more and more traction in the States. Just like everything that gets more attention and gains more popularity, there’s bound be knock-offs or versions that just aren’t up to par with the real deal. 

We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, though. Here’s a brief explanation.

Matcha is a type of green tea that is grown and ground in a special way that gives it its bright green color. The correct process is this: when growing the matcha leaves, farmers are meant to grow them in the shade. This is meant to produce more chlorophyll and more nutrients, which gives it the vibrant green that makes it real matcha. 

They’re then ground down into a powder in the dark to protect the nutrients even further. Matcha powder has a ton of health benefits, and are linked to helping to prevent Type-2 Diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. If you want a bit more information, this TIMES article should help you out a bit. 

How to prepare it is pretty simple, honestly. You need a whisk (people usually use a bamboo whisk), a bowl, hot water, and of course, the matcha powder. Here’s how it goes: 

  1. Measure out about 1 tsp of matcha powder into a bowl. You can put two if you want your tea a bit stronger. 
  2. Heat up hot water. Keep in mind that we said hot water, not boiling. 
  3. Pour some of it into the bowl with the matcha powder. 
  4. Whisk away the clumpy bits of matcha powder that are leftover. Usually people say to whisk it in an ‘M’ or ‘Z’ shape in the bowl. There should be no clumps when you’re done.
  5. There! You can leave it here or make it into a matcha iced latte, which is one the drinks that’s most popular right now. 
  6. For a matcha iced latte, add your preferred milk of choice; usually this includes almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. 
  7. You can also add a bit of sweetener, like honey! 
  8. Pour the mixture over ice and voila! You have an iced latte. 

Okay, we won’t keep you any longer. Here’s where you can find some of the best matcha powder on the market! 

Kan-no-shiro Matcha Tea

This matcha powder comes from a website called Ippodo Tea, and one can of this size is about 40 grams. It costs about $17 US money, and about 1800 yen in Japanese money. 

According to the website, the particularly earthy taste that matcha powder has is called umami. The higher the quality of matcha, the richer the taste is. This kind of matcha powder is really good because you can easily make a ton of drinks with this one. 

On the product site, they even say you can mix champagne with this matcha powder. Pretty neat, huh? This is also the cheapest matcha powder on this list, so keep that in mind when researching the rest of these brands.

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Daily Matcha

This matcha powder’s purpose is right in the name. It’s meant to be drank daily, meaning you can replace your morning coffee with something chock-full of nutrients instead! The matcha powder is sourced from Uji, Japan. 

This can contains about 40 grams of delicious matcha powder and you’re getting it for $20 US. This is, and Kan-no-shiro is one of the best for beginners, seeing as they’re some of the least expensive ones here.

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Ceremonial Pure Japanese Matcha 

Ceremonial matcha tea is regarded as one of the best and are usual recommended by matcha enthusiasts. Although, most only use it for special occasions. This particular ceremonial tea contains iron, potassium, vitamin c, and natural fibers; absolutely healthy and delicious! 

This certain can of matcha powder has a medium to high caffeine content. It’s about 1.5 ounces, and has enough for about 40 servings. It’s one of the pricier ones coming at $29.95. 

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea 

Ooh, here’s another ceremonial matcha product. It’s organic, and brand touts that there’s no bitterness or harshness, and is best suited for special occasions. This kind of matcha powder is also sourced from Uji, Kyoto, Japan. 

This can is about 20 grams, and costs $25.80. If you want to get it, just click down below. 

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Pure Matcha, Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha

This premium ceremonial grade matcha comes from Nishio, Japan, and claims that matcha powder that can boost your metabolism. It also has the ability to block digestive enzymes that break down fat, allowing for the fat to just simply pass through the body. 

This particular can is 1.1 ounces of matcha powder for $19.99 US. Again, this is one of the cheaper options for matcha powder.

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Kyoto Dew Matcha

Kyoto Dew Matcha is another brand of matcha powder that just right. It’s sourced in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, so you know you’re getting good quality matcha. Actually, most good quality matcha comes from Uji, so be mindful of that when buying matcha. Kyoto is known for being the “Matcha Capital of the World” as well! 

Just a little fun fact for you. 

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Anyways, this can of matcha powder is about 30 grams, and if you decide to get particular brand, then it’ll cost $25 US. 

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Matcha Moon Pure Zen 

Sourced from Uji, Japan, Matcha Moon Pure Zen is matcha powder that will give you jitter-free energy! This one promises to deliver the same kind of “umami” that Kan-no-shiro promised as well. That earthy, creamy taste is what we’re after! It also promises mental clarity, and peak concentration. 

This can of matcha is about 1.05 ounces, and costs about $24.95 US. 

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Soukou Matcha

And finally, Soukou Matcha is from a brand called Kettl, and it’s origins are from Fukuoka, Japan! Kettl prides itself on it’s stone-milled matcha powder that they offer for a lower price. They’re very proud of being able to offer their matcha for under $20. 

This particular can is about 20 grams for $19.75 US. 

The Best Places to Buy Matcha Online

Matcha is astoundingly healthy, and has caffeine in it, making it not only much healthier than coffee, but also a better alternative altogether! As for what drinks you can make with matcha, the possibilities are endless. You can make an iced latte, a normal hot latte, or even mix it with champagne! 

One thing to keep in mind is that ceremonial matcha powder is really only to be used for drinking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in cooking too. There’s a ton of baking recipes you can make with matcha! Happy matcha-making! 

What are you going to make with matcha? Comment down below and let us know? 

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