The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

Are Emerson students bougie? Please! What are you talking about? Wearing Louboutin booties in the rain doesn’t make me bougie, neither does going to the MFA on weekends. 

Everyone can be bougie. But Emerson students just seem to all be bougie, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is more of a reason to look to them for all the best places to fulfill your inner bougie self. 

Thus, let me tell you some of the best places near Emerson College where you can go all the way to be your inner bougie persona.


With its French-inspired spirit, its dedication to California driven cuisine, and passionate approach to dining. This cafe, restaurant, and bar, is one of the perfect places for Emerson students to enjoy a meal and go bold with their styles. Nothing is chicer than ordering an “Ex”-Presso Martini while working on your laptop. 

If you come on Thursday, Friday or Saturday you can enjoy $1 Oysters. Make it better by ordering a glass of Rosé.   

Where: 186 Tremont St.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

George Howell Coffee

Founded in 2004 by veteran pioneer George Howell, this place has become a favorite among Bostonians –and especially Emerson students. With its small tables that offer privacy, it is a great place to order an artisan-made coffee along with a croissant and voilá! You are in the perfect study spot. Get ready to work on your laptop with their free WiFi. However, try to arrive early because it fills up very quickly!

The attentive baristas serve third-wave brews, including coveted single-lot varieties such as the Kenyan Mamuto, and espresso-specific blends like the Alchemy. Plus, the cafe keeps its fans educated by offering “palate-training” classes, cupping courses, and more. What is more bougie than having a palate for coffee? 

Where: 505 Washington St.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

L.A. Burdick

When you want to be bougie, you don’t want brand name chocolates. You want chocolates that are specially made just for you. Well, LA Burdick offers you handmade chocolate confections created by a man who found inspiration while living in Switzerland: Larry Burdick, a fine chocolatier. 

It is a delightful experience to go inside the store and be surrounded by the art of these handcrafted chocolates that come in all forms! My favorites are the bunny ones. You can also shop for gifts for any occasion. It is a splendid way to show your love for someone. Who doesn’t like chocolate? It is a decadent place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or hot tea while eating a macaroon of your choice. 

Where: 220 Clarendon St.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

Newbury St

Between the high-end stores, small boutiques, and plentiful street art, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye on Newbury Street. Blow your taste-buds at Johnny Cupcakes. Enjoy scoops of mango and every other fruity gelato at Amorino. Head over to Burberry and spend your time browsing and trying on clothes, or tempt yourself with high-end commodities. 

You will find stores from Chanel to small fancy boutiques like LIT Boutique. You can also head over to the comics store, or to Tea Forte, where you can find the most gorgeous tea china.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 

In the middle of Boston, you will find a Venetian palace. This is the home of Isabella Stewart Gardner (an American art collector and philanthropist). Today, it is a museum displaying her impressive broad collection of European, American and Asian art; which includes sculptures, paintings, furniture, ceramics, and textiles. 

The museum is the ideal place to dress up nicely and stroll around the palace. You could also rest at the spectacular skylit courtyard that is filled with exotic plants and flowers.

Where: 25 Evans Way

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

See Also

Museum of Fine Arts

What bougie person doesn’t like art? The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) offers an exquisite collection that will make you feel as if you are in art heaven. There are many exhibits displayed that you can attend in your best artsy outfit. Whether you want to have some time alone or spend an afternoon with a group of friends, the MFA is always a good choice to spend a weekend doing something different.  Plus, for university members, the admission is free —which means college students don’t need to worry about spending money! Woohoo!

Where: 465 Huntington Ave.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

Boston Opera House

Want to feel like a real socialite? Grab your ticket, put on a nice elegant outfit, and head over to the Boston Opera House. Perhaps it is not your cup of tea to spend a Saturday night at the ballet or an opera concert, but it is definitely worth it. Give it a try. Just picture yourself in the stunning elegance of the Boston Opera House. The hushed enthusiasm of a waiting audience, the emotional performances of the magnificent dancers, and you in your most beautiful Audrey Hepburn dress wearing a pair of fancy opera glasses.  

Your heart is going to race along with the tones of the concert, and by the time it ends, you’ll already be wanting to go again and again. Even if it means spending out of your budget. You are definitely going to enjoy your time here.

Where: 539 Washington St.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

Top of the Hub

Fancy a sophisticated dinner with an amazing view of the city? If you feel like splurging on great food then you should definitely visit the Top of the Hub. Situated in Boston’s Back Bay, and high atop the Prudential Center, on the 52nd floor. The Top of the Hub features a spectacular service award-winning cuisine, and ambiance paired with an unmatched panoramic view of the city’s skyline. 

Wear your most elegant outfit, order a handmade cocktail, crafted in their lounge, or a variety of wines from a collection that has been honored by Wine Spectator. Enjoy your lunch, dinner or brunch accompanied by a unique atmosphere of live entertainment which earns this place the distinction of being one of the most romantic dining experiences in Boston.

Where: 800 Boylston St.

The Best Places Near Emerson To Be Bougie

Have you been to any of these places? If you know more bougie places around Emerson, feel free to share them in the comments below! 

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