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The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Spending the day adventuring in the city of Boston? We have compiled a list of the best establishments to grab food day or night. This melting pot of a city offers a plethora of different types of ethnic food wherever you go. Read along as I share some of the best places in Boston to grab a bite for just $10. Your wallet and stomach will thank you!

Anna’s Taqueria

Ask any Boston local about some good Mexican food and I’m sure Anna’s will make their list. Anna’s Taqueria is a chain of fast service Mexican-fusion restaurants with locations in Somerville, Cambridge and Newton. Grab a super burrito on a 12-inch tortilla for just $8 or a filling Mexican bowl for $9. You’ll be happy you did. 

The Pour Housej

The Pour House Pub and Grill offers gourmet bar food. Don’t expect to find lackluster french fries and burgers here. For just $10, try the Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich made with buttermilk beer brined chicken or a Crab salad slider. This unique restaurant also offers weekly dinner entertainment. Making it a one-stop place for a great night in the city.

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Angela’s Cafe

Angela’s Cafe is a family-owned restaurant offering authentic Poblana Cuisine in East Boston. Try the signature dish, Chilaquiles Verdes and you’ll fall in love, just ask Guy Fieri from the food network. On an episode of Food Done Right, Guy made his way to Boston and got to sample some Chilaquiles and was blown away. You will be too, just stop in and ask for the house special. 

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Banh Mi Ba Le Restaurant

This Vietnamese sandwich shop and market have earned its reputation for having the best Banh Mi sandwiches around. For $3, yes only $3, you can have a delectable king sandwich layered with a crunchy crust with a fluffy interior, crisp vegetables, and your choice of lemongrass- marinated pork or beef that is deeply charred with an intense grill flavor paired with a sweet and savory fish sauce-based marinade. These sandwiches alone will cause you to make a frequent trip to Dorchester for one. 


Pikalo Empanadas & Sandwich shop is a proud Dominican establishment. This orange-hued shop in Jamaica Plain offers the best and innovative empanadas like the Big Papi, which is stuffed with eggplant and seafood. Try a tantalizing beverage like the oatmeal smoothie or the virgin mojito Lemonade. 

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Kelly’s Roast Beef

Enjoy a meal at Kelly’s, ’cause here you’re family! Kelly’s Roast Beef is a family-friendly restaurant with locations all throughout Massachusetts. It is well-known for its roast beef sandwiches, hence the name, but also it’s lobster rolls and other seafood options. This restaurant features a drive-through at every location except one for faster service to the public. 

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Bova’s Bakery

Bova has been a Boston favorite for years since its open in 1932. This Family owned shop offers bread, cookies, and sandwiches 24 hours a day! That alone is worth the trip, what restaurant other than Denny’s is open 24 hours? When you get here make sure to try the Tiramisu it was voted #1 by Phantom Gourmet or have an Arancini, a rice ball for $6 stuffed with steak & cheese. 

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

China Pearl

Some of the best dim-sum you’re likely to ever have is in this long-standing restaurant in Chinatown in Boston. Cheap dinner tabs highly make up for the long wait time. Some deliciousness you must try next time you are in the area is the Shumai, the best dim sum seller. It is steamed wonton wrappers stuffed with ground pork and shrimp, topped with bits of dyed-red egg. For the adventurer in your group dinner party, try out the chicken claws, which are chicken feet that are first fried, then poached and marinated, and finally steamed before serving. It will be a meal to remember! 

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The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Charlie’s Kitchen

Charlie’s kitchen is a diner, beer garden, and punk bar all rolled into one in Harvard Square. This dog-friendly establishment is open until 1 am weekdays and 2 am on the weekends making it the perfect hangout spot for a night out in the city or perfect location to grab a tasty midnight snack when the dining halls are closed. This ’50s style diner, complete with a jukebox is famous for its Double Cheeseburger King for only $7.

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Tasty Momo

If you love authentic Nepalese food or if you’ve never tried, please make your way to Tasty Momo and you’ll have the opportunity to support a great cause with every purchase. The owner Sophie Thakail left her family in Nepal when she immigrated to the U.S. in 2006. After years of making dumplings, she decided to open up her eatery. A dollar for every plate sold will be donated back to the Food for Education Trust, a trust close Thakali’s heart. This non-government organization does social work for school children in Nepali so they can attend school instead of working for food. Now that is a cause worth supporting!

The Best Places In Boston To Eat For $10

Sullivan’s Castle Island

Sullivan’s Castle Island is a “Southie” South Boston tradition since 1951. This beloved food stand is known for its classic hotdogs in a casing, dub as Sully’s snappers sold for $2.10 each or $1.05 when half off days roll around. The smell of fried seafood and sizzling burgers will greet you at the entrance to Castle Island beachfront. During the warmer months, there is always a line but its fast-moving and hits the spot after laying out in sun. It’s only open June through late November so make sure to come back when it reopens for the season. 

Next time you are in the Boston area check out some of these tasty, authentic, and inexpensive local restaurants- you won’t be disappointed! If you are craving some good authentic Mexican food or some scrumptious dumplings worry not, the city has all that and much more to offer. If we have missed any great places that you’ve been to before and wish to share with others, please leave the location suggestions below in the comment section. 

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