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The Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice For The Couple In Quarantine

The Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice For The Couple In Quarantine

Being stuck with your partner might sound like heaven at first, but the reality is that everyone needs their “me” time, and everyone needs their own space. We can all use some relationship advice if we’re going to stick with our partners through the end of this quarantine!

Divorce and break-up rates are at a historical high right now because so many couples don’t know how to coexist when they’re both home all the time. It might sound crazy that quality time with your partner can turn into the end of your relationship, but the stress of financial difficulties, a worldwide pandemic, and the unknown regarding your loved ones’ health and safety will start taking a toll on both of you if you don’t nurture each other in several ways.

Take a look at these excellent pieces of relationship advice for the quarantined couple and strengthen the foundation of your relationship to come out of this quarantine better than ever!


Give each other space.

People naturally get tired of other people, even those they love the most. It’s important that you both have a place to escape to when you need some alone time, which can be difficult to negotiate when you’re sharing a space.

If you’re both working from home, work in different rooms so that you have time to miss each other. This is also important for eliminating distractions and keeping each other successful in your respective jobs. Be honest about when you need some alone time, and expect your partner to do the same. Respect each other’s boundaries always! 


Be patient with each other.

You’re both under more stress than you realize, which means you both need to dig deep and muster up all the patience you can. Be supportive of each other’s fears and concerns, acknowledge any financial difficulties you’re going through either separately or jointly, and work together to resolve any conflicts that come up so that issues don’t have time to fester and cause tension. 

If you start getting on each other’s nerves, remember that this living situation is temporary, and just because you’re stuck together at all times doesn’t mean this is how things are going to stay.  


Start a new hobby together.

Distract yourselves from your boredom and your fears by starting a new hobby with your partner! You can learn how to paint together, start hiking once or twice a week together, start your own band and write songs together, or just play video games or board games together—whatever you both enjoy and whatever makes you grow closer without overstepping each other’s boundaries!  

Have a date night every week.

It’s important that you reserve time to kindle your romance and prevent the magic from disappearing. Having a date night every week will help you two stay connected emotionally and romantically, which is something many couples are struggling with during this quarantine.


It can be as simple as drinking a bottle of wine together and playing a board game or watching a new movie and making popcorn together, or you can be adventurous and go on mini road trips, hike up a small mountain and watch the sunset together, or get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant. This practice will also help you both remember what “normal” is like, which will help you remain conscious of the fact that this quarantine situation is only temporary!  

Take turns cooking for each other.

One of the best pieces of relationship advice is that you both need to maintain a healthy give-and-take dynamic, which can be practiced every day by taking turns cooking for each other as well as by cooking together. Relationships are two-person teams, and all teams require teamwork to be successful.


Cooking together is a great way for you and your partner to practice teamwork because you’ll be working together toward a shared goal that benefits both of you—that is, the tastiness of all your home-cooked meals!

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Take turns doing chores, and do some chores together.

Just like cooking, doing chores is a necessary task that you should both contribute toward to maintain a health give-and-take dynamic in your relationship. If one of you is physically unable to mow the lawn or do yard work, have the person who does the yard work choose a chore for the other person to do. However, if one of you is still going to work and doing manual labor all day and the other isn’t, then the one who stays at home should handle the bulk of the chores without putting up a fight, otherwise there will eventually be a fight!

You can also do chores together to get them done more quickly, and doing chores together is another great way to practice teamwork. If you’re both working all week long, dedicate a few hours every weekend to do chores together! 


Cut each other more slack than you normally would.

This doesn’t mean you should give your partner a free pass for betraying you in some unforgivable way; it merely means you should both let go of the little things that would normally upset you but that wouldn’t keep you upset for very long. A couple examples are forgetting to take out the trash, being asked several times to do something that’s already expected of you, saying an insensitive comment unintentionally, or anything else that isn’t a serious issue but can really get on your nerves. Look for reasons to forgive each other’s shortcomings and help each other grow by giving constructive feedback and helping each other when something doesn’t get done!

This also means you should avoid looking for reasons to argue and nitpick at each other. If you are your partner have opposing political views, you might want to steer clear of heavy political discussions since those issues tend to invoke defensiveness. Instead, talk about subjects you see eye to eye on, and be honest with each other about topics that upset you.  


Have these pieces of relationship advice helped you and your partner coexist more lovingly during quarantine? Comment your experiences below!

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