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The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out

The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out

Phone plans shouldn’t be hard to find, especially good ones! If your off to college soon or still in college but looking for a new phone plans, these are great carriers which most have no strings attached so if you don’t like them, you don’t need to keep them! Here are 6 phone plans that are great for college students who need to save where it counts!

1. Visible

This carrier provides a truly unlimited service for $40, per person, with include talk, text, hot spot, and high-speed network. It uses Verizon Wireless 4G LTE towers which is great for those who already have Verizon and love your coverage but want to lower their bill. This new service launched in May of 2018 with a select group of people who could invite others to try the service.

They have amazing incentives for joining! When you buy a phone from them right now you can get a digital $100 or $200 pre-paid visa depending on the cost of the phone. Not to mention the great deals they have on phones right now! For those who love free stuff, this service gives you random free things just for being with them! And you can BYOD (bring your own device)! 

The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out

2. Fi 

You’ll get everything you need with this pay for what you use service plan by Google. With this carrier you can either pay $70 for unlimited everything or $20 a month plus $10 for every gig of data you use up to 6 gigs. When you surpass 6 gigs, bill protection kicks in. This means you’ll never pay more than 6 gigs of data and will only be charged $80 that month. 

If you are a heavy Wi-Fi user, the $20 plan is a great option for you. $20 for unlimited talk and text is amazing! You can’t find that anywhere! This service uses three other carrier towers, so you’ll have service almost everywhere you go. These are great plans if you are use to looking at how much data you use. It’s a great carrier if you’re looking for something small! 

The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out


3. Mint Mobile

Besides this carrier having the cutest fox as it’s mascot, if you are looking for three, six or 12 month phone plans, this is the service provider for you! We all know that remembering to pay bills on time every month can be stressful, but having a phone service shouldn’t be! This carrier has three separate plans for three, six and 12 months. 

Just like any other plan, the 12 months are always the better option, but if you need a little more flexibility, this is a great service for you! After you reach the data cap for your plan, the data speeds slow down which means that if you love your high speed data, this isn’t the service for you. Unlike the last two, you will be in contract with them for however many months you paid for the service. But you can always bring your own phone over if you don’t want a new one!The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out

4. Cricket Wireless

This carrier is for people who don’t really now what to get. They have five plans ranging from $25-$60 per month. Most students won’t go with the $25 plan because it is only for talk and text, but if your school has great Wi-Fi and you use it all the time, the $3o plan with unlimited talk and text with 2GB worth of data could work for you. If you are a heavy user of data, the $60 phone plan would be best because it’s unlimited.

The one thing to know about these plans is the benefit that if you auto pay you do get dollars off for doing so. Phone plans like this don’t have a lot of incentives or really great pricing. This is normally for the people how can afford a little higher payment and know that they are guaranteed service just about anywhere they go. Who wouldn’t want a fluff ball mascot? They’re so cute!

The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out


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5. Verizon Prepay 

An extension off from Verizon, this service is for the college students who don’t really know what’s out there and don’t really know anything about new month to month plans. This service is a little pricey, but is very manageable. You can also save money if you have more than one line. But like everything else, you pick a plan that closer to your usage. 

The cheapest you’re going to get with this phone plan is $35 for unlimited talk and text and 6gb worth of data. But if you need more data, you can look into unlimited everything for $65 per month. Depending if you are used to Verizon or love the service, but hate the pricing for your current plan; this is a great plan for you!

6. U.S. Mobile

This totally custom, build your own plan is great for people who know what they need. You have 100% control in how much talk, text, and data you need. If you need unlimited everything with very fast data (ludicrous data), this is great for only $60 per month! It runs on T-mobile towers which is great for those who have t-mobile and love the reception, but need to lower their bill. If you need more of anything that you started with you can always “top up” which is just adding more to your custom plan.

This is a great plan for student because they have student discounts! They are partnered with seven school so far where the student can pick up a free sim starter kit on campus! If your school is not partnered with them, you can always use your .edu email and receive one! This carrier has an average of $15 per month paid by students so far.

The Best Phone Plans For College You Have To Check Out


These are just phone plans for those trying to save a little extra money where it counts. You should always look into phone plans more in depth so you know what exactly your getting into! If you have any of these carriers or know another carrier that’s not listed, tell us how you like them in the comments below! 

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