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The Best Pet For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Pet For Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign is full of personality information that can reveal certain traits you may not even realize you have. It’s fun to research and a way to get to know yourself better. But have you ever wondered what those traits may mean for buying a pet? Probably not, that is why I have laid out all of the work for you. Read through the zodiac signs to find the best pet for you! 

1. Fiery Energy: Aries & Birds

Aries is a fire sign who likes staying busy, independent and tend to have a bit of a spontaneous side. Even though they can get a bit shady or rage-like they are truly caring, courageous and sincere. Birds are also independent, not as much work as a dog or a cat, and they are action focused which could interest an Aries. However, generally, Aries is a sign that doesn’t have time to get fussy with any animal, so their perfect animal is one with minimal cleanup. 


2. Earth Babies: Taurus & Rabbits 

Rabbits are the perfect animal for this zodiac because they are wild, and can enjoy the mother earth energy along with their Taurus owner. Taurus people are stubborn, however loyal to their friends. They keep their friends close and enemies far away, just like a rabbit may. Catch the Taurus out in the garden getting handsy with mulch while occasionally feeding their rabbit some carrots. 

3. Unpredictable: Gemini & Finger Monkeys 

As an air sign, quick thinker, mainly unpredictable, and bored easily sign it is difficult to find the perfect pet for a Gemini. They want the best of the best for themselves and need a pet that will keep them constantly engaged in activity and thought. I know you may think this one is odd, but a finger monkey is a perfect pet for a Gemini. Once the Gemini teaches it to do tricks, eat, sleep and do basically everything similar to them, then they’ll have the little companion they’ve been looking for all along. 


4. Sensitive Yet Playful: Cancer & Hamster

Cancer gets a bad rap for being overly emotional and that being said, their emotional state can flip on a dime.  They need a cute little pet that won’t mind listening to their toils and dramas. A hamster will listen, play, and enjoy close cuddling from any loving cancer individual. 


5. Bold: Leo & Snakes 

Aries may be fiery but have you met a Leo? They can be as fiery as it gets except you’ll never truly know just how intense and bold they are because they keep their secrets way closer than any friend. Their sign is ruled by the sun and its bold beauty. You may catch a Leo walking into a room and turning all heads along the way with their bright, energetic and sociable aura. That is why they need a snake as a pet. Snakes will definitely turn heads, and they will relate to the secretive and bold personality that captures the Leo. 

6. The Organization Pro: Virgo & Fish 

If you’ve ever met a Virgo then you know that cleanliness is extremely important to them. They may even have a tendency to be branded as a hypochondriac. They’ll need a pet that isn’t going to shed or be too exotic so a fish will do. They’re easy maintenance (most of the time), and the Virgo can easily add feeding and tank cleaning into their routine oriented personality. Not to mention organizing the tank will be the most important part of the Virgo’s fish buying experience. 


7. The People Pleasers: Dogs & Libras 

 Both people pleasers, loyal, and sociable the Libra and their dog companion will get along great. They’ll also finally have someone to listen to all of their lively drama. They are also very loving signs who are ruled by Venus, a planet that governs beauty and money. Libra will have to spend money to get that beautiful dog. It is a long time commitment that any Libra is excited to take on. However, if we’re getting specific with dogs, a Libra may want to purchase a dog that won’t need too much activity since they have a tendency for laziness. 


8. For The Curious: Scorpio & Cats 

Cats! Scorpios are known as extremely emotional, curious and analytical signs. They want to know the ins and outs of who you are and they will do it by strict observation and questioning. But they are also really loyal and can create strong bonds with their cats by giving them the love they need while the Scorpio gets the cuddles that they need. 

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9. The Self-Sufficient type: Sagittarius & Turtles 

Sag is known as the wanderers. They are self-sufficient, don’t need too much coddling and see freedom of self as the most important foundation to success. A turtle is a perfect pet for Sagittarius because they don’t need too much, just food, and a clean place to swim and lay in the sun. That way the Sagittarius can introduce their turtle friend to all their other friends without having to pick them up and play. 

10. Unique: Capricorn & Lizards 

An earth sign the Capricorn is what we may call a know-it-all at times but they are mostly branded as the patient, responsible, hard-working and driven sign. With any pet they have, they are willing to put in work! A lizard is the Capricorn’s perfect pet because a Lizard has particular needs that this zodiac sign is willing to research and ensure they give it the best home. 


11. The Free Thinker: Aquarius & Ferrets 

Aquarius love intelligence, they are curious and their mind can move a mile a minute even though their face will never show any sign of it. They can be a bit aloof with a need for freedom. Ferrets are the best for Aquarius because they can roam around, be as curious and aloof as they may wish. 


12. Up In The Clouds: Pisces & Guinea Pigs 

Pisces are loving, craving attention, and playful. Having a guinea pig as a pet, they’ll be able to give their attention to the pet and receive it in return. Their playful side will be fulfilled by the non-stop energy of a guinea pig keeping them entertained for hours. Pisces being very emotional signs need a cute little animal that will keep up with their ever-changing moods.

What kind of pet do you imagine for your zodiac sign? Let us know if these perfect pets match with your sign! We’d love to hear what pets you have and if you would like more zodiac sign content. 

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