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The Best Period Tracker App For You

The Best Period Tracker App For You

Here is your rundown on the best period tracker app options out there. These period tracking apps are convenient and help you stay on track before you cycle

Thanks to technology, there is always an app accessible to us for just about anything. In a perfect world, we all track our period but of course, I’m not perfect; far from it actually. It’s pretty bad when I get to the doctor’s office and they ask me the first day of my last period. My answer is usually, “I have no idea” or something along the lines of, “sometime around Thanksgiving.” Whether you want a heads up before your food cravings start or you just want to track your fertility, here are some of the best period tracker app options in the game. Don’t freak though if you miss your period, there are several reasons this could be the case!

Flo Period Tracker

This makes the list as one of the best period track app options out there. It’s straightforward and easy to use. The app lets you keep track of any irregularities during your period cycle. You track the telltale symptoms that sneak up on you as your period is fast approaching: temperature, sleep quality, moods, etc. Another feature is that you get access to daily topics, insights and articles based on what you specifically track. You can probably see why it is one of the best period tracker app options.

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My Menstrual Diary

If you are a bit more private about your monthly cycle, this is the best period tracker app for you. It’s password-protected and uses a calendar tracking system. Like most period tracking apps, it’s simple to use and highly personal. This app allows you to log your flow and the duration of your period. As you continue using it, the tracker becomes more accurate. It uses your previous cycles to alert you for your next period.

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The Flow App

This is the best period tracker app for those of you who are interested in the physical, mental and emotional elements that go into your monthly cycle. It’s a free download and keeps track of a variety of different things: your period, medication use and fertility. Not to mention there are sex and life-coaching tips provided by this app. Lots of educational tools you can use. The app logs your body temp, weight, fertility, symptoms, mood, if you’re intimate, spotting and your flow. Basically has it all.


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This is the best period tracker app if you’re interested in your fertility. iCycleBeads lets you know your fertile and non-fertile days. In other words, this is the perfect app for preventing or promoting pregnancy. It is incredibly simplistic and easy to use as well. The app even lets you know if your cycle is longer or shorter than usual if you are concerned about any irregularities in your cycle.

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Birth Control Reminder

This is the best period tracker app if you need a little reminder when to take your birth control. It’s compatible with the patch, ring and pill contraceptives. There is an alarm and auto-snooze feature that even the most absent-minded users won’t miss (me). It’s highly customizable and even notes the number of pills that come in your packet. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Like everything in life, one size doesn’t fit all so there are several different period tracking apps you can download and test out. Hopefully some of these help. I definitely think they are five of the best period track app inventions out there right now. Certainly make my life a lot easier. Won’t be rolling into the doctor’s office this year not knowing the answer to that question.


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Let us know what you think about these best period tracking app selections in the comments below!
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