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The Best Pens To Exceed Your Bullet Journal Goals

The Best Pens To Exceed Your Bullet Journal Goals

The Best Pens To Exceed Your Bullet Journal Goals

There’s just something about having the perfect pen. I have always been a little obsessed with having the perfect pen. I remember when I wrote university exams and I always had to have my favorite pens or else I thought I wouldn’t be able to write my exam well. I thought somehow that my thoughts and all the information I crammed into my brain were attached to my pen, and if I didn’t have the right pen, my thoughts wouldn’t flow thoroughly and seamlessly onto the page before me.

Despite my superstitious behavior, I think it shows that I am someone who appreciates a good and reliable pen. Now that I’m not in school the pressure to have the perfect pen isn’t there, but I do still feel the sense of excitement when I find the best pens for when I write in my planner and attempt (keyword: attempt) bullet journaling. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Below I’ve listed some of the best pens I use for writing, planning, and bullet journaling, ranging from simple black ink ballpoint pens that get the job done to the most elaborate colorful gel pens and markers that make all of your journaling dreams come true.

1. Muji

 My Muji pens have been my tried and true staples for the past couple of months. I recently used up the last ink in my pens so I have to see whether or not I need to get new ones or if I can get refills. Either way, I will be going back to using these pens because they are fine (and they come in multiple mm sizes), they don’t smudge or streak, and come in many different colors.

When I go to a Muji store I rarely look at anything else because I’m so captivated by the pen section. There are just so many choices! My first time around I got about four to start since I didn’t really know what they would be like but I have since finished all of them. Now that’s a sign of a good pen!

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2. Paper Mate Flair

 I was actually introduced to this pen last week but ever since I’ve been intrigued to add it to my pen collection. The Flair pen is very fine, making your writing or drawing as precise as possible. Bullet journaling is an art form and I think you’d be in excellent hands with the Paper Mate Flair pens. Even for simple writing, they produce clean lines and a streamlined aesthetic.

This pen will most definitely give your work some flair because of how clean it is. When one of my best friends told me about this pen, I knew it just had to be the next pen on my list to buy.

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3. Tombow Fudenosuke

 This is a favorite of those that bullet journal because they are fine line pens that don’t bleed through and give your pages a crisp and clean look. These pens are equipped with a hard brush tip but flexible enough that you are able to create different lines – extra-fine, fine or medium – depending on the brush pressure you use.

The Tomboy Fudenosuke pens are ideal for calligraphy and art drawings so no wonder they are an absolute dream for those who love bullet journaling. If you ever find yourself wondering, “How do they get their writing to look so impeccable?” when you look at someone’s bullet journal, the Tombow Fudenosuke is likely the answer.

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4. Staedler Triplus Fineliner Pens

 I have a pack of these and love them when I want to add a bit of color to my planner. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not that great at bullet-journaling compared to those you see on Pinterest. I find that I don’t have the patience nor the time, but boy do I want to. In any case, these pens work just as well for planning as they do for journaling because you can decorate your planner any which way you want.

The Staedler Fineliner pens produce clean lines without bleeding through the page and are fine-lined so your writing and/or doodles will look extra sharp on the page. I also love that these pens come in larger packages so that you can get the whole collection for a reasonable price. I highly recommend giving these a try because they write so well and will no doubt bring your planner or journal to the next level.

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5. Sakura Pigma Micron

 It’s hard to simply say by the end of this list, “I love these pens,” but I truly love each and every one of these pens. The Sakura Pigma Micron pens are another favorite of mine because they produce clean, fine lines made with Pigma ink which is considered waterproof and feather resistant. The pigment that makes up Pigma ink is also single colour which means that it doesn’t fade when exposed to light but rather stays just as pigmented and rich as when the ink first touches the paper.

The Sakura Pigma Micron is perfect for drawing, writing, and, of course, your bullet journal needs. They are sold in different sizes so you can determine how thin or thick you would like your pen to be.

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*The Best Pens To Exceed Your Bullet Journal Goals
What are your best pens for writing and journaling? Have you used any of these pens listed above? Share below!

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