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The Best Parts About Being A Student In A Big City

The Best Parts About Being A Student In A Big City

Picking the right University for you is understandably a big decision. But one of the main selling points that goes with that choice is the location the university offers. Here are some of the greatest advantages of being a student in a big city.

The Nightlife

Possibly the biggest perk to living in a big city during your student life is the nightlife that comes with it. Unlike smaller town universities that provide only one dreary pub where all your nights out have to take place, city life means you’re afforded with a host of available nightclubs to suit every day and every music taste. The clubs in bigger cities also tend to be larger and open until later, which means bigger parties that don’t stop until 5am. What could be better!


Living as a student means living on a budget, and one of the primary goals of budget shopping is knowing where to look. Living in a big city gives a variety of shopping facilities that means you should never overspend. Your choice of Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and other big chains, as well as a flurry of constant corner shops,  will definitely come in handy if you ever need to run out for something small, or do a larger weekly shop. With all nearby shops at your disposal, popping out for a pack of biscuits when the craving hits has never been easier.



Anybody coming to a big city from a small town will know the aches and pains of trying to get an Uber to reach you. Extortionate waiting times, frequent cancellations, and simply not enough drivers means that getting around is made quite difficult if you’re from a smaller area. In a big city, however, Ubers are around 24/7. Uber drivers thrive in bigger cities, so your wait times will be incredibly low, as will your chances of cancellation. This becomes even more beneficial after a night out when all you want to do is crawl into your bed as quickly as possible. Students living in a big city will never have to deal with the hassle of finding change for a taxi again!

Public Transport

Similarly to the availability of Ubers and Lyfts, public transport in general in a big city is a monumental bonus to students. Whether it’s getting the train into town to get a new dress for tonight’s party or catching the next bus to your friend’s accommodation, public transport systems in big cities are at your constant disposal. Couple this with the discount cards available to you like railcards and bus passes, getting around your city has never been quicker and cheaper.


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Food Delivery

Ever craved a burger at 3am from that one specific takeaway? Students in a big city will understand how easy ordering food is! With a couple of clicks on your phone, food will be with you at almost any time of day, whenever you need it. Takeaways in big cities are fighting for all the customers they can get, so you can often get a great deal on food and delivery prices in your area. Whether you can’t be bothered to make yourself lunch, or you’re craving that kebab after a night out, ordering food doesn’t get any easier than in a big city.


Better Access To Research

Living in a big city whilst being a student means you have many places to aid your studies at your disposal. You won’t have to just rely on your campus’s library – your city will provide it’s own, often much more comprehensive library, that won’t be crammed with students at every point of the day. Bit cities also provide a number of study spaces not limited to your campus; whether it’s a Starbucks, a Costa or simply a local park, you’ll have a range of places to meet your study needs.

Got some other totally amazing benefits of living in a big city? Leave them in the comments below!

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